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TutorCruncher Easter 18 Newsletter

A happy Easter to all! At the start of March, the UK had a visit by The Beast from the East. For those who aren’t already familiar with our love of weather-based discussion in the UK, this ‘Beast’ was a particularly cold front that gave us some sn...

TutorCruncher’s December Newsletter

With 2016 fast approaching its end, it’s an appropriate time to look back on this year and reflect on what has gone before. Over at TutorCruncher we are really proud of what we have achieved: the hard work the team puts in every day is all geared ...

Stripe and TutorCruncher

At TutorCruncher, we spent a long time trying to figure out which card payment service would be the best to integrate with, and Stripe came out on top.

Marketing Email, How to do it right?

There are several marketing strategies for growing your business, ultimately more brand awareness = more sales.

Invoicing ahead of time

Invoicing clients ahead of time is sometimes a bit tricky, as you don’t always know when tuition will occur, or even how many lessons the client will receive.

Tutor Retention

Most tutoring companies actually function as tutoring agencies - they connect self-employed tutors with clients looking to hire them and either provide a way for the two parties to communicate, or do that communication themselves. After an initial...

Efficient Invoicing

Being able to manage your invoices efficiently is a cornerstone of running a successful business, but there are some challenges to overcome and pitfalls to avoid.