5 Essential Business Marketing Ideas

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 Michaël Persyn
Marketing Starting a business Tutoring

Competition is growing every day and marketing is essential for every business. To establish a business that keeps innovating and growing, staying ahead of the competition is not easy. The market is evolving every day, the way someone searches for you today will not be the same within the next month or even week.

Marketing research

The first thing to realise is that marketing will cost you, especially in the beginning. You need to see how people are reacting to your product or service. This means you will lose some money trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Doing this is going to pay off in the future, because you will know the reaction of the market to your strategy.

Social Media

Be active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter; it is vital that people know you are busy working on your business. It means that potential customers think of you as an approachable person, rather than an entity, and therefore are happier to send you an email or give you a call. Posting questions gets double the comments, images get 98% more comments, and sharing videos can up to double the amount of views.

Use powerful tools

There is a wide range of tools available on the internet, such as Google AdWords. Using these tools can improve your marketing if done in the right way. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the most important thing to get right; write useful, interesting and relevant content to encourage visitors to your site, increasing your ranking with Google. Researching which keywords and terms that people most search for is an essential part of writing your content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to get new visitors engaged with your business and maintain relationships with your existing customers, as well as giving you important analytical information about the market.


There’s no substitution for a face to face meeting, so go to trade fairs and events relevant to your business; connect with new people, exchange business cards and develop current and new relationships. New connections are important, even if you don’t make a sale, the people you meet now are aware of you, and word will spread about your company.

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