5 Core Marketing Activities Your Tutoring Agency Should Focus On

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Particularly when your tutoring agency is in its early stages, it can be challenging to refine your marketing focus with so many different options available. While it’s good to try new methods and experiment with different strategies, there remains five activities that every tutoring agency should implement as part of their core marketing strategy.

Marketing Planning

A marketing plan isn’t something that you write once then let it gather dust in a drawer. If you want to continually grow your agency, then you need to refer to your original strategy frequently. You may find that after several months, you’ve veered off track with your marketing efforts and need to realign, in keeping with your original plan. Consulting your marketing plan will also let you see how much you’ve achieved since your business’ launch and enables you to refine your strategy for the longer term. Remember, you can adjust your plan at any time to suit your business’ current situation according to market trends and recent developments.

Marketing Materials

Whether most of your marketing is done online or offline, you need to keep your marketing materials up to date. In the online world, this means ensuring that your website is regularly updated with new content and its design is in keeping with your current position in the tutoring marketplace. If you’ve recently changed your pricing structure, make sure the new information is on your website alongside any other recent changes. Do your business cards and flyers need updating? As your business grows, you’ll want to update your offline marketing materials too, to ensure that they’re working for your agency as best they can.

Face to Face Networking

In the digital world, it can be easy to ignore one to one networking in favour of social media or email. However, face to face relationship building still plays a huge role in the growth of tutoring agencies, particularly for local agencies. Find out where your local networking events take place and prepare your elevator pitch to help spread the word about your business. Also consider where students and parents are likely to gather and arrange to speak to some of them about the services you offer.

Email Marketing

Promoting your tutoring services by email remains one of the most effective ways of generating new business for your agency. Let your distribution list know about any offers or promotions that your agency is running to entice them to try out your services. Likewise, send your customers regular updates about what your agency has been up to alongside the latest news from the tutoring industry. It’s important to keep in contact with your email lists to remind them that you’re there to help.

Social Media Marketing

Definitely one of the core strategies of any tutoring agency’s marketing strategy, social media can play a significant role in the way you market your business and engage with customers. You don’t need to post on social media all the time; a few updates a week can be enough to get you started. Starting conversations on social networking platforms can be a great way of attracting new business to your agency and spreading the word about your brand in your local area. Virtually everyone uses some form of social media today so make sure you have a presence across the most relevant platforms in the industry.

What are the core marketing activities that your tutoring agency focuses on? How easily do you become distracted from these important elements? What other activities do you see as being the most important to tutoring agencies? We welcome your thoughts.

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