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What is a broadcast?

Broadcasts are a way to send emails to a group of people. You can send to tutors, clients, or students, and filter by status and labels. You can also send a preview of your broadcast to other people just by entering their email address. It can be useful to email yourself a preview to see how it looks. Broadcasts are written in Markdown. Take a look at our Markdown guide for help with writing broadcasts.

How do I create a broadcast?

You can create a broadcast by going to Communications > Broadcasts and clicking the 'New Broadcast' button. Choose the role you wish to send the broadcast to, select any status and label filters, and write your email. You can also include an email style to your broadcasts. Click 'Send Preview' and enter your email address to preview what the broadcast will look like before it goes out to your users. Once you've previewed the broadcast and made any necessary changes, click 'Send'. You can check the status of your broadcasts in Communications > Outbound Emails.

How do I unsubscribe a user from receiving broadcasts?

Your users will have an Unsubscribe link in every broadcast they get from TutorCruncher, or you can edit their profiles to untick the option 'Receive Broadcasts' under their address details.