Lessen Your Student Loan Burden With These Easy Tips

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 Chrissy Jones
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It is estimated that by 2022, 10 million people in the UK workforce will be in professional occupations. These numbers might not be that surprising considering the growing amount of college graduates, but the debt that plagues these individuals from finishing university is unbelievable. While it isn’t impossible to live a happy life while paying off your bills, getting out of debt sooner can ease stress around hefty payments. Here are some simple steps to getting out from under debt.

Lessen Your Student Loan Burden With These Easy Tips

Analyse your essentials

Financial experts say that half of your income should be going to living expenses and bills, the other 30% is for personal expenses, things that enhance your lifestyle like new clothes or a gym membership, and the final 20% is savings. The 50/30/20 rule may be helpful to you as you map out what is essential for you to live a comfortable life.

You can use the previous month as a case study and write down everything you spent money on. This can help you look at your monthly spending habits and see where you could cut some things out. Additionally, many online banks will break up your spending into pie charts and graphs to allow you to see where you’re swiping your card. And there are free online tools help you create a budget.

Pick up a side hustle

In the age of the internet, there are many opportunities to make and save money through websites and mobile apps. Answering surveys about consumer habits is an easy way to make a couple bucks or earn coupons toward your purchases. Since our phones are so ingrained in everyday life, it can be easy to respond to surveys when you have a free moment.

Or you could choose to tutor, since you are now well qualified in your chosen field and other subjects with a university education under your belt. There are options to tutor in person or online and the preference can be up to you and your schedule. A survey, conducted by the tutor pages, showed that tutor rates could stay the same whether they tutored online or in person. It’s really up to your preference and schedule then.

Getting a handle on your finances can seem intimidating, but there are plenty of ways to take charge of your finances and even earn extra money to get out of debt sooner.

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