Marketing Email, How to do it right?

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 Michaël Persyn
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There are several marketing strategies for growing your business, ultimately more brand awareness = more sales.

Marketing emails are a powerful tool, you can send your potential customers relevant information concerning your service, the benefits of your product and even make them think about problems they didn’t think they had. Making a marketing email campaign is complicated because customers don't want to get the feeling you are trying to get money off them.

How to write a marketing email?

Well-written marketing emails are just as good as expensively designed marketing emails. The first thing someone does when they open your marketing email is to quickly scan it, so make sure your headline tells the right message and add 1 powerful picture explaining the information in your marketing email. Because most of your new targeted audience will not read everything you have written down, You want your message to be as clear as possible if they open your email. Try to stand out so that they will remember you.

How many emails should i send?

This is trial and error, some people need more e-mails until you convince them of your value. You also don’t want to get caught by the spam filter, otherwise your emails will land in the spam box, so perhaps start at one per week and see how you get on. With TutorCruncher’s email analytics, you can view exactly how an email is doing.

Why analytics?

Analytics on your marketing email is a must have. You want to know how is opening your emails and taken the proper time to read them. You can adjust your strategy based on their preferences what will helps making them engaged to your emails, and this might result in sales. There are a lot of tools on the market to make your emails reach maximum productivity.

An example

Below is an example of a marketing email sent from a tutoring agency to it’s clients, trying to encourage sales over the summer - the industry’s least busy period.

**Summer deal + add your logo

Sign up now, book 5 lessons and get 1 for free.

Hi First name, We hope that you have been enjoying the recent sunshine and the run up to summer holidays. We wanted to let you know that there is still time to sign up for our summer courses. We offer a range of courses suitable for students of all ages and abilities for 11+ and English/Maths revision courses, as well as French and communications workshops.

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