Tutoring to the rescue of Britain's Covid-Inflicted Educational Crisis

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Updated  Niharika Mittal

The need for tutoring in the traditional sense has been frowned upon by parents and teachers alike, indicating a lack of dedication on the teachers' part as well as the students. However, this notion has come to be challenged with its famously growing counterpart, as 'a method of boosting willing learners'. Henceforth, prompting online tutoring.

The pandemic has indeed presented us all with our unique set of challenges, of which none are to be undermined. Yet, it can be said that the student community, collectively, has perhaps been the worst hit. The pre-existing differences between pupils based on; private vs public education, economic background, location, etc. has been increased further. To tackle this the national government has introduced the NTP - National Tutoring Programme. A carefully laid out strategy that aims to help those students whose education has been most impacted by the pandemic.

Advancement in technology has allowed schools to continue classes. Nonetheless, teachers have recorded decreased student engagement. One method that has been identified to increase student engagement is one to one tutoring classes. This method is expensive and most schools with limited resources cannot provide this service. Henceforth, establishing private tutoring as the need of the hour. The NTP will allow students who have been left most unattended in the past school year, be presented with an opportunity to access one to one learning with a dedicated tutor in subjects they believe require help.

Online tutoring via video conferencing
Online tutoring via video conferencing

In addition to its help in educating Britain's youth, the NTP will result in accelerated growth for the tutoring industry. TutorCruncher is a tutor management software that helps tutoring agencies, small and large alike, to manage their day to day workings. An online CRM system for tutoring businesses, offering a variety of services such as scheduling classes, tutor invoicing, online tutoring whiteboard, making it easier for the tutoring businesses to grow by reducing time spent on administrative work.

All public schools are eligible and can apply for the NTP and gain access to tuitions from qualified professionals at subsidised rates, as high as 95% with room for the remaining 5% to be covered by student premium schemes. Therefore, proposing an effort to bridge the gaps between students from varying socio-economic backgrounds which have been broadened by the pandemic.

Student taking notes from an online tutoring session
Student taking notes from an online tutoring session

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