3 Ways Social Media Can Help Grow Your English Language School

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_Your English language school may already be using social media as a matter of course in your marketing efforts but do you really understand the true benefit of using social platforms to grow your language school? _

_ For many, social media is still an untapped resource just waiting to be unleashed as part of an effective marketing strategy. Here is our guide to some of the ways social media can help grow your English language school. _

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1. Improve your Business and Student Outreach

The larger the audience you have on social media, the more potential students and business partners you can reach. By sharing valuable content with your followers, you’ll increase your brand awareness and encourage more people sign up to your courses.

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By being proactive and sharing your latest blog posts, school news and course details, you’ll also encourage people to share your content with their followers, thus increasing the amount people you can reach with your message. Make a point of seeking out your competition on social media and see who’s following them. By requesting friendships with your competitors’ followers, you may be able to convert them to using your services instead.

2. Increase Click Throughs to Targeted Pages

Social media can be a great way to drive traffic to a particular page on your website and promote your latest course or product. Having more traffic to your site increases the chance of you gaining new students. If you have well- written landing pages that encourage people to follow through on your calls to action, then driving traffic through social media can be a very effective way of growing your business.

What’s more, increased traffic from social media platforms can also lead to additional advertising opportunities. The more visitors your website receives every month, the more you can charge other businesses for advertising on your site.

3. Improve Your Students’ Experience

Think about your social media accounts as an extension of your customer service. Nowadays, when people contact businesses through Facebook and Twitter, they expect to receive a reply within a few hours. If you make an effort to respond to every social media enquiry, you’ll increase your credibility and enhance your reputation for being a language school that really cares about their students.

You can even actively encourage students and parents to contact you via your social media pages with any questions they have about your services or language teaching in general. Providing great customer service is all about establishing good relationships early.

How does your English language school use social media? Have you noticed any of the benefits listed above? What’s your language school’s social media strategy? Our readers would be interested to hear about your experiences.

Photo: https://provost.gmu.edu/initiatives/student-experience-redesign-project