Tutoring to Your Advantage — How to Use it to Reduce Costs

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 Chrissy Reynolds
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Tutoring is stigmatized to the point where the United States government reports only 21% of all students actively seek help academically. After considering the amount of stress college brings, it makes logical sense to use tutoring services to reduce GPA stress. However, getting tutoring throughout high school and college will actually help lower tuition as well as stress. The extra help becomes apparent when a student graduates and begins looking into paying back student loans. In the end, taking advantage of a variety of extra help options helps students graduate with less overall student debt.

Maximise Length of Stay

Tutoring helps minimise the length of time spent in college, therefore, reducing the amount that students owe after graduation. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that nearly half of all college students take more than four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree. This is partly due to repeating classes when a student performs poorly. Students who receive tutoring at the first sign of trouble in a course have a better chance of not repeating the same course. Further, students who receive tutoring through early classes in high school or early college years build a platform for further learning. Simply passing a class with the minimum requirements early in a college career will not help a student succeed later, when the classes truly matter. Tutoring helps reduce the time a student spends in college, therefore, reducing overall costs.

College campuses offer tutoring in scholarships and tax breaks for college students
College campuses offer tutoring in scholarships and tax breaks for college students

Non-Academic Tutoring

Many college campuses offer tutoring in scholarships and tax breaks for college students. Unfortunately, many students do not take advantage of these services. The additional help available to students could save thousands in college tuition, however. Understanding the intricacies of both scholarship applications and tax deductions is not for the faint of heart. This type of non-academic tutoring must be sought to help cut the costs of college for everyone. Information is often found in the student center, or in the administration offices. High school students find information on scholarships with their guidance counselor, or online. Research scholarships early to work toward the highest possible amount.

College is expensive, especially if a student is paying for it on his or her own. Understanding how tutoring helps cut down the tuition bill is a small part of saving money, but it’s important. A little extra time spent in tutoring sessions, both academic and non-academic, could save a student thousands of dollars overall.

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