User Growth

Grow your client base

Using TutorCruncher makes effectively managing your client base simple. You can customise the fields on your client’s profiles to capture all the relevant information you need.

Create your clients as 'Live' to begin scheduling their lessons, or add them as 'Prospects' and set tasks on their account to follow-up on the conversion process. Set your old clients to Dormant to keep their details without mixing them up with your primary client base.

Recruit more, and better, tutors

Just as important as getting more clients is recruiting more tutors. You can add your own tutor recruitment link to your website so that tutors can sign up as a pending tutor with your company.

Your tutors can then fill in their qualifications and teaching skills, upload their resumes, and more. From here, you can then invite your tutors to interview through the system to then approve them to work on your jobs.

With TutorCruncher Socket, any enquiries made by your clients will be stored in your database as prospects. Use the tutor signup link to add a 'Become a Tutor' page to your website, both proactively improving your recruitment and hitting good SEO terms.

Email Marketing

TutorCruncher lets you send out marketing emails to the specific areas of your user database. If you wanted to contact all of your prospect clients, or maybe send a thank you note to your VIP users, TutorCruncher lets you easily find out who you need to contact and then send out beautiful broadcasts to their inbox.

Incorporate your branding

Whether it is inviting your tutors to fill in their profiles, or emailing old clients to ask for feedback, TutorCruncher lets you customise all areas of your communications in line with your branding.

You can even set up your sending domain within TutorCruncher so that all of the automated and broadcast emails come directly from your company’s email. TutorCruncher helps your custom branding leave a lasting impression on your past, current, and future users.