Aim Academy

AIM Academy is a Research-to-Practice School that is continually pioneering the technology and techniques proven to benefit children with language-based learning differences. With an advisory board of world renowned researchers, AIM is uniquely positioned to be on the forefront of cutting edge advances in educating children who learn differently. Accommodations alone will not allow our students to soar; it is imperative that we equip AIM learners with the full benefit of instructional strategies that will allow them to excel in their chosen professions.

AIM is driven by the belief that children, who learn differently, challenge conventional ways of thinking. Therefore, they are at an advantage over their peers when it comes to essential 21st century skills for success. A study from London’s Cass Business School revealed that 35% of entrepreneurs in the United States are dyslexic.1 When students with language-based learning differences are given the right tools and strategies they are often able to turn their talents into successful businesses and careers. They learn how to use their “disability” to their advantage.

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