Bright Young Things

At Bright Young Things the philosophy of inquisitive mind is being followed to help students get beyond beaten paths and apply their curiosity to the outside world. All tutors at the Tuition Centre manifest that philosophy and teaching methods, both of which have been developed over years of ‘on the ground’ experience, listening to parents, children and educators alike.

Learning in small groups focused on pupils’ interaction is centred around the three pillars of logical thinking, problem solving and generating a passion for language, what gives children great opportunity to excel. All educators at Bright Young Things are leading professionals in 11 Plus, GCSE and A Level tests and they are daily available to discuss your child’s progress.

Bright Young Things Tuition offers following courses: 11 Plus, Medway Tes,t Kent Test, 13 Plus GCSE and A-Level, Year 5 Assessment. They also provide small group lessons in English, Maths, Science, Reasoning and Creative Writing.

All of that result in great effectiveness of Bright Young Things Tuition: 97% of our pupils succeed in securing a place at the Grammar School of their choice!

0207 723 0506
8A Lower Grosvenor Place, London, SW1W 0EN