Carfax Private Tutors Seoul

Carfax Tutors is dedicated to offering the best tutors for each pupil. A full consideration of individual client’s requirements means that tutors are selected with the highest care to ensure the best possible match. Carfax believes that good tutoring starts with building on existing knowledge and skills in order to give pupils the self-assurance to engage in new tasks and push themselves further. Their tutors are principally drawn from Oxbridge and London University graduates with several years tutoring experience, ensuring that both their subject knowledge and tutoring skills are the best available. As one of the founders of The Tutors’ Association, Carfax Private Tutors is devoted to providing not only the very best in personal guidance and instruction, but also following a clear code of professional ethics, to guarantee that a pupil’s tutoring meets their particular circumstances and does not unsettle their other activities.

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28 Hannam-daero 20-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea