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Crimson Education was founded on the belief that all students should have access to a world-class education. The place you grow up, and the experiences you have with education early on should not be the sole determinants of your academic trajectory, nor should they bar you from the world’s very best opportunities.

Today, Crimson Education is a global leader in transformative and personalised education through advanced technology. We connect the brightest minds from around the world to provide students and professionals with the resources and support required to secure pathways to success. Our approach enables students to discover and explore their interests, and to crystallize their ambition. When a student can see the pathways forward into the future and the precise stepping-stones to get there guided by our strategy, their intensity and determination improves significantly.

Since establishing headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, our expert team of mentors, tutors and consultants has grown to over 2000 worldwide. In addition to New Zealand, our offices have expanded across Australia, India, Thailand and the UK, making Crimson Education a global student support system. In a world inundated with information, we supply unmatched academic, extracurricular, and career-building guidance, anywhere, anytime, in any country.

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