The Smart Academy

We are an established organisation who is affiliated with many schools within the vicinity. Our classrooms allow collaborative work which promotes maximum engagement. We pride ourselves in being the only centre with such high standard facilities and recreational areas which ensure our students remain well nurtured throughout their educational journey. We believe that children are unique and learn in different ways, therefore we carefully tailor our lesson plans with the child in mind. These are then assessed by high class tutors and educational representatives. This gives us the edge above the rest.

Our Edgware tuition centre is a well equipped, modern building which is easily accessible by either private or public transport. We are near Canons Park and Edgware station. There is also plenty of street parking available.

We know the difficulties our students and parents face on a daily basis, and that’s why The Smart Academy gives our students the full support they need whilst at the centre as well as outside. We have an email account dedicated to supporting our students and parents outside of lesson time, and our highly skilled tutors are always keen to help. We also believe that the early years are important in developing a positive attitude towards learning, we therefore start with students as young as five and take them on a journey which develops their minds and ensures they are learning for the long haul.

Our team are keen to hear from parents and the local community. As well as on going and weekly feedback, we have regular coffee evenings, where you can interact with the tutors on a one to one basis, explaining what your child needs help with. We know this takes time, but we know how important an investment education is, and that’s why we make it work.

+44 (0) 208 123 3353
19-25 Buckingham Road, Edgware, HA8 6LY