Tutorlist is designed from the ground-up to help parents find a tutor in NYC using criteria and expertise that matter, including personality.

We are not a tutoring agency and don't want to be. We want parents and tutors to connect directly without an agency markup. Parents can filter for a tutor via key criteria such as subject, schools taught/tutored at, or by specific expertise such as Common Core or executive function, and contact the tutor directly. What the parent pays goes 100% to the tutor. For independent tutors, we help you build your own brand and business.

Each tutor's profile is approved by our team before being listed on Tutorlist. The educators on our site are Ivy League graduates, certified classroom teachers, test prep experts, and former agency tutors. We screen every tutor for teaching experience, and we ask them to provide the information you need to find the right educational and personality fit.

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