Managing Users

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Can I make notes/comments on users?

Administrators can make notes on a users profile by going to a user's profile and clicking the plus icon on the 'Notes' panel. Then type in your note and click 'Submit' on the form to save your comment. If you go back to the 'Notes' panel, you should see your note as well as an edit link. Your notes are only viewable by yourself and other administrators with the correct permissions. They cannot be viewed by that user or any other non-admin user.

How do I put a label on a user?

An administrator can put a label on a user by going to a user's profile and clicking the 'Label' button. Then select from the dropdown which label you would like to add. New labels can be created by navigating to System > Settings > People and Activity > Labels and clicking 'Add Label'. You can also send broadcasts to users with a specific label. For example, you might want to message clients in a certain area regarding a particular offer. Labels on users are only viewable by admins.

If you have two roles that are the same person (such as a tutor who is also an administrator), you can edit one of the roles to have the same email address as the other role's. Simply copy the user's email address from their existing profile and then proceed to create a new profile for the additional role you wish to give them, for example, copy your tutor's email address and then create a new administrator.

Rather than filling in all of the 'Create' page, simply paste the email address into the 'Email' field. You will then be prompted at the top of the page to click to link the users.

Easily link multiple role types for one individual
Easily link multiple role types for one individual

How do I create a Tutor/Client/Student role for myself?

If you are creating a Tutor/Client/Student profile for yourself, simply click the round button at the top right corner of your screen. Make sure that you are in the right branch, and click on the role that you want to create for yourself in the dropdown menu.

If you click on the role (for the first time), a new user profile will automatically be created for you. You can switch between your new user profile and your Administrator account in the same dropdown menu.

If you want to create a tutor profile for yourself, simply click
If you want to create a tutor profile for yourself, simply click "Tutor" and a profile will automatically be created for you.

How can I split a user's roles into separate users?

An administrator can split a user with multiple roles into several users by going to their profile (on any role) and clicking the 'Split User' button. The user's email will stay with the role with the highest priority, while the other users will be given no email address.

If I split a user's role & update the contact details on one profile, will that be updated on all of the profiles for that user?

Yes, if the contact details are updated on one profile, then those changes would be reflected on all of the profiles that have been split for that user.

What do the Colored Lines beside each User in the List Mean?

These colored lines represent the Calendar Color which has been assigned to that user. This dictates how the user is displayed on the calendar. Because this color is also featured in the list view, it can also be handy (in tandem with labels - read more here) for distinguishing users by categories at a glance.

For example; Do you want to set up four tiers of customer service? You could set up colors that you associate with Gold Star service, Priority service, Standard service and Basic service, for an easy view as to what clients have each level of service.

How do I resend a Welcome Email?

If one of your users has not received/is unable to locate their Welcome Email, simply navigate to the user's profile and click on the 'Resend Welcome Email' button. This will only show if the user has not logged in already, so in other circumstances you can instruct your users to reset their password.

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