How to Encourage Students to Continue Using Your Tutoring Services?

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They say that in business, it's easier to hold on to existing customers than it is to find new ones. So what can you do as a tutoring company to hold on to your existing students? This post outlines some of the ways that you can ensure your students feel that they're improving and that using your services is worthwhile.

Identify Shared Goals and Values

As a tutoring company, it's important that you appeal to your student's goals. What do you offer that they want? By getting to know your students better, you'll have a greater understanding of what they hope to gain from using your tutoring services. This in turn, will enable you align your values with what your students care about the most. For example, is your tutoring business particularly good at raising grades at A level, or do you specialise in helping students gain places to top universities? Whatever message your business delivers, it's important that students connect with what you offer.

Be Transparent

According to Fortune Magazine, millennials value brand transparency more than anything else. The more open and honest you can be about your tutoring business, they more likely students will be to continue using your services. Sharing your success stories, staff restructuring plans and marketing efforts can go a long way to making students feel like they're involved in your business rather than simply a service user. Word of mouth marketing is the lifeblood of the tutoring industry and the more positive reviews you get from staff, students and tutors, the more likely you'll be to hold on to your existing students.

Offer Constructive Feedback

It's important that students feel that they have learning points to work on after lessons. By encouraging your tutors to offer constructive feedback, you'll enable students to have more control over their learning. Of course, achievements should always be acknowledged but in most cases, there's always room for improvement. By identifying one or two areas for students to work on, they'll feel that they are gaining something from their lessons without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead.

Make Lessons Personal

One of the biggest advantages that private tutoring has over classroom learning is that students have a tutor's attention throughout the whole lesson. By encouraging your tutors to plan lessons in advance and tailor them to students' individual needs, students will feel that attention is being paid to their learning.

At the same time, lessons should also have an element of flexibility, so that students can get help with particular aspects of a topic or with unforeseen setbacks in the classroom. You should also send students regular progress updates, written specially for them to highlight which areas they're doing well in and which areas need some improvement.

How do you encourage your students to keep using your tutoring services? What do you think students value the most in a tutoring company? We'd be interested to hear what you think.

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