How to Teach Students to be More Creative

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 Chrissy Jones
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Can creativity be tutored? While the creative attributes of a person are largely determined by personality attributes developed and set in our formative years, it’s also possible to strengthen creativity through long-term practice. Moreover, genes determine only 10% of the capacity for creative potential, a Science Direct study reveals. So, it’s definitely possible to help your students free up their creative juices by teaching them effective and practical techniques. Here are a few ways you can foster creativity in your students.

What tools are at the disposal of a teacher of creativity?
What tools are at the disposal of a teacher of creativity?

Strengthen their industry knowledge

No matter the industry, your student’s ability to think creatively relies heavily on the level of their expertise. While you may assume that having too much knowledge can actually hinder the creative process, this is only true to an extent. Going into the creative process knowing too much can be distracting and restrict inspiration and innovation. However, successful creative work ultimately relies on your students having a strong foundation of relevant knowledge to draw upon. Therefore, strengthening your student’s knowledge in the relevant subject area will in turn help them to be more creative in their field.

Teach drawing

Practicing drawing can boost creativity— even in the business world. It’s been proven to help people better retain information, sharpen attention span, and free up both short-term and long-term memory. It also increases creative capacity by getting the mind to unexpectedly engage in a visual — rather than written — medium for a change. You can even teach your students specific exercises for the purpose of fostering creativity at work. For example, ask your students to draw two separate and disparate objects. Then get them to draw several pictures of these objects merged together. This simple technique can get your students thinking about business problems from new angles they wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Teach creative thinking skills

One study identified numerous creative thinking skills that can effectively boost creative performance. These include teaching your student to take on difficult challenges they may typically avoid, broaden their knowledge beyond their current main subject area, seek out new stimuli (such as, reading non-fiction books or talking to new people), and accurately capturing new ideas as they occur. Encouraging your students to think differently can revitalize their minds and help them come up with novel ideas. As a tutor, it’s your job to provide your students with plenty of encouraging and constructive feedback. Even this can help boost their confidence in their creative abilities, so they’re more likely to actually be creative at work. With these effective tips, it’s possible to improve creativity and innovative thinking in your students.

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