Land Your Dream Job with a Little Help from Your Mathematics Tutor!

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Recent news indicates that today, Brits are more burdened by student debt than they ever have been. Their total debt amounts to over £100bn, and many students are worried about not being able to pay off their debts in a lifetime. Regardless of what university course you opt for, specific skills – we focus on mathematics in this post – are necessary in terms of increasing your attractiveness to employers. Allowing yourself to be labelled “a humanities person” or “a tech whiz” just won’t cut it in this day and age, when team members of top companies are often required to multitask and to excel at a number of different skills – including numbers.

Changing our View of Mathematics in the World

Research indicates that of the many subjects students learn in highschool, one of the most fear-inspiring, is Maths. Teachers have a term for it – maths phobia – which can lead students to feel anxiety, produce behavioral issues, or cause a lack of motivation.

There are two main problems needing to be tackled to change this situation. The first, is helping kids master the basics. Mathematics becomes progressively harder as kids advance through their curriculum, so it is vital that any stumbling blocks to progress be identified and solved quickly – this is one area in which a good tutor, who knows how to engage students and make maths practical and fun – can be of great help.

Land Your Dream Job with a Little Help from Your Mathematics Tutor!

The second issue is undue separation of subject matter. That is, students often don’t understand why knowing algebra or calculus, would ever be of help in their daily lives. Maths is vital for a host of professionals, including nurses, airline pilots, real estate agents, doctors… Teachers can break the barrier that separates maths from art, science, or sport, by finding ways to help them glean the extent to which every single professional requires mathematical knowledge. This requires creativity and may involve visits from professionals from a variety of fields, who can explain how a basic (or more advanced) knowledge is key in their jobs.

Why You Might be a Maths Tutor

If you would like to more mathematically savvy because you’re interested that specialises in maths (actuaries, aerospace engineers, and cryptologists earn between £40,000 and £100,000), then being above average in maths – even at the high school stage – is key.

Don’t think you can get away from calculations if you plan on working in sport or the humanities, however; these careers require top level managers to budget, predict trends and analyse statistics.

You can slowly build your confidence in maths through tutoring, and specify these skills in your resume when applying for a job. Taking a look at online CV templates makes evident that these days, the very first thing you should include to attract prospective employers, are your skills. This is the perfect place to include any mathematical abilities you have which may be pertinent to the organisation you wish to work for.

Whether you are keen on specialising in a maths related field or the arts, tutoring is an interesting way to ensure that any time you are called upon to analyse trends, create budgets, or develop future strategies, you will have the numbers to back every claim. Building a sound mathematical knowledge will also keep you flexible and open the doors to a possible career in maths. In essence, building mathematical confidence is vital from one’s earliest years and the one-to-one attention that tutoring affords, will put any fears or anxiety to rest.

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