Managing Your Tutors Whilst Managing Your Risk

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The business of managing people is laden with risk which could cost the business in the long run. With a 7% decline in UK HR budgets, according to CIPD stats, that means that HR functions that look after bodies of staff are under more strain to do more with less. It pays, then, to be smart about modern workplace risks, and especially how they interact with that most disruptive of technology - the internet, and digital-first platforms.

Technology is not just influencing how people are managed. GDPR reflects modern tech requirements and how the impacts of our now super-flexible technology-driven culture are felt across industries. This creates very specific areas of risk that every HR professional and people manager needs to respond to for their business to succeed.

Managing Your Tutors Whilst Managing Your Risk

Guaranteeing compliance measures

Compliance is a huge aspect of UK law as measures become tougher and tougher. The all-important employer’s allowance has been tightened up, and non-compliance can cost employers £3,000 per member of staff. The problem with online businesses and HR management processes is it can become difficult to remotely monitor staff.

Use your HR platform with mandatory reporting to guarantee feedback from staff. This approach can be carried through to other areas of business operations. Using online compliance measures through mandatory reporting can help to mitigate business product liability, improving reputation and positively affecting consumer claim rates.

Even within the compliance sphere, there are a few specific areas that savvy HR and people management professionals should keep an eye on. When it comes to tutoring, there are risks ranging from the requirement for DBS checks where tutors are working with vulnerable people and children, to ensuring that tutors are fully licensed to educate within their area of discipline.

Focusing on the data

An unfortunate side effect of the digital, always-online workspace is that cybercrime is up. According to police statistics, cybercrime grew 63% in 2017, demonstrating the size of the problem. Whilst the first defence against the problem should be done by business cybersecurity experts or contractors, there is a significant role for HR professionals to play.

Securing data shows responsibility to your professionals and ticks a major box with DPA compliance. It’s worth bearing in mind that DPA breaches can cost up to £500,000, and over £10m under the new GDPR rules. How does this affect management of tutors? With a wide range of subjects being managed and a wider range of students, it's more important than ever to ensure data integrity, to ensure compliance and to maintain the reputation and good running of your business.

Appreciating your professionals - and their wellbeing

The place of health and wellbeing in the workplace is well documented but still relatively poorly understood. A 2016 opinion piece by CIPD outlined the role workplaces have in wellbeing, unearthing a wide range of statistics that now come under HR risk. Chiefly, employees feel they are under a reactive, not proactive scheme, with help for challenges such as anxiety arriving too late in the day. This means reduced performance, unhappy employees and increased sick leave.

These are risks sometimes uniquely posed to tutors. Working patterns are often haphazard with the need to encompass students from varied backgrounds. Also, the lack of a formal workplace network can lead to isolation.

With online HR management schemes becoming the norm, there is a distinct possibility of more employee disconnects. One way to overcome this is to use classic continuous improvement tools, like temperature checks and 360 feedback, to encourage your remote workers to talk about their problems and in the long run reduce the risk to the business.

Modern HR and person management systems rely on sophisticated digital systems; the problem is the disconnect with the all-important humans on the other end. The risk arising from this, across data, compliance and wellbeing, can be managed with careful considerations. Look at your management program today and make sure you’re prepared.

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