Some Words of Gratitude for the TutorCruncher Team

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Updated  Paula Antalffy

The final week of July has been a reflective time for me as it marks my final week at TutorCruncher. From August, I will be starting a new job at a Bristol-based company.

My time at TutorCruncher has been far from ordinary. I joined the team in November 2019 and only spent a few months in our London offices before coronavirus forced all of us to work from home.

The last (almost) 2 years have been a strange, confusing and, at times, challenging experience for all of us. Personally, they have also been a period of rapid growth as an individual, an employee, and a marketer.

From Graduate to Head of Marketing

I joined TutorCruncher in November of 2019, having received my BSc in Marketing only 3 months prior. I had little experience working in an office environment and no experience working for an SaaS company.

During the first few months, I had to learn a huge amount. From the ins and outs of the TutorCruncher system, to understanding the tutoring market and learning to communicate my ideas in a working environment. I am sure I shared the sentiment with many graduates that diving into your first job is quite daunting.

However, this period of uncertainty was also massively empowering for me. The TutorCruncher team is a no-nonsense, honest, and lively group. I can say with confidence that the team's best characteristic is their sense of collective responsibility. Whenever I needed a hand, they were there. During my first few months, I estimate I asked Fionn twenty-five questions daily, if not more! Alex, who sat next to me at the time, also had to regularly answer some ‘unofficial' questions.

Perhaps the most exciting part of working at TutorCruncher during those first few months was the feeling of being heard. In schools and universities, there is a tendency to paint a picture of workplaces which are filled with bureaucracy, workplaces where you have to fight your way through to get your ideas and work recognised. My experience was in every way the polar opposite. Samuel, Tom, and Fionn were all quick to recognise my marketing potential and trusted me to guide TutorCruncher’s marketing freely. It was unbelievably satisfying to have them say yes to so many of my marketing ideas, some of which may have seemed slightly strange.

A Place to Learn and Grow

If I had to pick a single favourite thing about working at TutorCruncher, it would be the freedom I was given to learn, grow, and gain new marketing skills.

Since joining the team I have had the opportunity to work with freelance SEO and Google Ads specialists, receive mentoring from Laura Moore (The Founder of Nell Health), dip my toes into the world of PR and so much more! I have also been trusted to run a complete marketing department, set my own goals, and re-envision the identity of the TutorCruncher brand.

I like to take credit for some of the ways our team has transformed into a more professional and ‘grown-up' company over the past two years. I think, because of the confidence that was instilled in me by the team, I was able to put energy back into the day-to-day runnings of our office and come up with ways to streamline our operations. When it comes to these things I am quietly and humbly proud.

I know that, at just 22 years of age, I have been incredibly lucky to gain such a huge variety of knowledge. I also know that this is thanks to the attitude of the TutorCruncher team, and for this I am very grateful.

The TutorCruncher Team Going for Gold

When describing a close-knit team, people often choose to use the word ‘family'. If you ask me, a sports analogy is far more suitable. If you look at the British Gymnastics team or the Relay Swimming team, everyone has their own strength and weaknesses but they all work towards a common goal. This, in my eyes, describes TutorCruncher.

Over the past 2 years I have felt the true team spirit that a good group of people can create. I have been given the opportunity to explore the areas I want to, and distance myself from things which frustrate me. I have felt the power of collaboration, whether that is by working with creativity, re-envisioning a product, or solving a problem. These are the moments when you can see the real magic that makes us as successful as we are!

On a more personal level, I have also felt the team provide support on a deeper level. During the first few months of Covid-19, the now remote work drinks we shared on Thursdays gave me a sense of normality that I know we all needed.

Some Final Thoughts

I find it quite difficult to put all my thoughts and feelings into words. Above all else I am grateful for everything I have been through and am excited to continue to watch, now as an outsider, how TutorCruncher grows over the years. I am also excited to see what my marketing successor will do. Whoever you are, don't let me down!

What I do know for sure is that for the rest of my life if I ever meet anyone from the tutoring industry my first question to them will be: ‘Do you use Tutor Management Software?'. That is a habit I'll never shake!

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