The Journey as a Tutor

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Updated  Nabeela Hussain

Fresh English Graduate and passionate about learning, I decided to do a Masters in International Education and then to kick start a career in teaching. I spent about two years in schools, covering nearly all levels from primary to A level.

I even added in a traveling year and taught English abroad while checking out the sights. That’s when I really found myself and gained wider experience in lesson planning, online tutoring, writing reports, time management and networking.

Pins on a map with tutoring
Pins on a map with tutoring

After working closely with the students and parents I was invited into the tutoring game. There is very good money to be made in private tuition, some tutors charge up to £200 an hour. So it wasn’t long at all until I became a full time private tutor, with it came all the flexibility I dreamt of and the control to sail in any which direction.

I specialised in English tuition lessons but covered pretty much the whole board, Maths, Science, History, Geography, even creative subjects for all age groups. All these were high in demand and it was pretty easy getting students initially through existing contacts.

Being a one woman show it was quite difficult to organise and keep track of all the payments and lessons. Even though at the time I was a small self-starter, being a tutor and a business manager did start to build up my workload. But I still had ambition to grow.

Tutoring is easy with TutorCruncher
Tutoring is easy with TutorCruncher

As many other tutors will probably relate, growing my clients was a real struggle. I had a lot of free time that I still would’ve liked to fill with tutoring. So I did what a lot of independent tutors at some point end up doing, signing up to an agency!

Reasons for joining a tutoring agency:

  • You simplify the payment process for your clients and yourself.
  • You don’t have to worry about finding clients, it’s all done for you.
  • You can manage your lessons and calendar all in one place.
  • You can upload your reports and documents for students and clients to see.
  • You can book in multiple students per lesson with ease through self service booking.
  • You can use online learning tools as part of the service with the agency.
  • You will be easily able to keep track of all your past lessons and progress.

It was so simple to sign up and get started. Easy to follow instructions and user guide, that by the end of my first day of joining a tutoring agency, I was able to book in my first lesson straight away. The agency allowed me full flexibility to add on my availability, subjects I would like to teach and my preferred rate.

I could still be an independent tutor but I didn’t need to worry about focussing on the admin, collecting payments or finding clients. It was all done for me. Students were automatically matched and could automatically book themselves in for when I wanted to host a lesson. This could be done online or face to face.

Laptop Map
Laptop Map

The benefit of online tutoring was that it opened me up to a much larger client base. My availability was easily filled and I was networking with people all over the world. I never had any issues with payments and could look over my payment orders online and keep track of how much I’m making and how well I’m doing.You could easily sign up and tutor online while traveling the world. If you like freedom and want to start your own business, this would be a great model as it’s a largely growing market. Education is an unbreakable cycle.

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