Tutor, Client & Student Profiles

Tutor recruitment

Tutors can sign themselves up and create their own profiles with their qualification, the institutions they've attended and the skills they can teach. This allows you to match them to clients quickly and easily. CVs and other documents like DBS certificates can also be uploaded.

Profile completion & tutor dashboard

With customisable fields, you can ask for any and all of the information from tutors that you require to run your business. A tutor can see exactly how much of their profile they have filled in and what information is still missing, which encourages them to complete their profile.

Client Profiles

Clients and students also have profiles they can log in to with TutorCruncher, if you wish to allow it as an administrator. Like tutors, clients and students are only able to see information that is relevant to them, such as invoices, lesson reports and the jobs they are currently attached to.