Automatic and accurate accounting

TutorCruncher generates invoices and payrolls by incorporating completed lessons and one-off charges, meaning your invoices are created in seconds rather than hours. All of your accounting is generated within the system, so you can be confident that your invoices are accurate.

Branded invoices

TutorCruncher allows you to include your own logo and company address in your invoices so that you can create professional and bespoke accounting documents. You can even customise the PDF template itself, adding or taking away fields as you see fit.

Taking payments is easy

You can take payments with our integrated automated card payment system, Stripe. Find out more

Credit Control

You can view a list of all invoices, filterable by date and whether they have been paid yet or not. This means following up invoices is really simple, and you can use TutorCruncher's automated email system to send your clients reminders so that you don't get behind on chasing payments.