Online Payments

Easy payment for clients

Taking payments has never been easier.

With our integrated card payment system, clients can pay an invoice by clicking the link in the automated email sent from TutorCruncher as soon as they receive it. The invoice is then marked as paid in the system so you don't have to lift a finger.

Save card details

TutorCruncher lets you saved card details to make payment even more convenient, and you can automatically charge your clients in the future.

Multiple cards can be saved to a client's account, and you can select which is the default.

Quick and convenient payments

Client's can pay their invoice without even logging in, or they can call your business to pay over the phone. Using TutorCruncher will streamline your cashflow so that you can use the time to grow your business.

You can even log into Stripe's online interface to find out exactly what funds you'll be receiving, and when.

Low rates

Card payment fees start from a tiny 2.9% + 30ยข per transaction (1.4% + 20p in the UK), which matches Paypal's rate (PayPal is 1.9% + 20p in the UK).

If you are a high volume user, then our partnership with Stripe means that you can negotiate your own rates to get the best deal.

Internationally supported

Stripe's card payments are accepted around the world, and they are always expanding. If your country isn't supported yet, then sign up to get a timeline of when it will happen!

Easy to set up

Setting up takes 30 seconds, you simply need your company's tax details and bank account number, and you can start taking payments immediately.

Get started with TutorCruncher.

Use TutorCruncher's great payment features

Automatically Charge Clients

You can set TutorCruncher up to charge your client's automatically, streamlining your cash flow.

Pass card fees on to clients

If you want your client's to pay card fees, TutorCruncher can do all the work for you.

Safe and secure

TutorCruncher incorporates the latest security measures to ensure that card payments are safe.

Using Checkout, payments are submitted straight to Stripe complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).