Tutor-Student Matching

Filter tutors by subjects

When tutors fill in their profiles they are asked to fill in the skills they can teach. TutorCruncher allows you to filter the tutors by one or more skills so you can find a matching tutor more easily.

Get your tutors to apply for available jobs

Allow your tutors to be proactive by creating jobs as Available for Application. This means they can view them on their jobs board when they log in.

Specify required skills for a job

If a job is available for application, you can specify what skills are needed in order to apply. For instance, if a client requires a tutor to teach A Level sciences, then you can specify that applicable tutors must be able to have Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A Level as teaching skills.

Job notifications for tutors

Instead of your tutors logging in to look for available jobs, you can send out notifications via email to encourage them to apply. The email that the tutor receives contains a link to the application, making the whole process as quick and simple as possible.

Define a radius for your job notifications

Another new addition to TutorCruncher is a tool that allows you to send notifications to every tutor in a certain area. Simply set the default location on a job and you can send notifications to only tutors within your selected radius.

Map Function

You can use a customisable map to view all of your users and adjust it to show only the locations of certain role types or focus on a particular geographical area. This feature makes it a lot easier for you to match clients and tutors.