£1bn Tuition Funding for English Schools

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Boris Johnson has announced that there will be an extra £1bn granted to help England’s children catch up on what they missed during the past few months.

The government announced plans to pay private tutors to run extra in-school classes for smaller groups of children through the academic year.

A £350 million grant will be being given specifically to help the most disadvantaged children in the country. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many fear this is the group who have and will continue to be impacted the most.

A further £650 million will be given to headteachers in primary and secondary schools around the country to spend on catch-up activities for children. This could include extra curricular activities and summer camps.

Boris Johnson stated this funding "will help headteachers to provide extra support to children who have fallen behind while out of school".

He went on to thank teachers, care workers and support staff for their continued effort during the pandemic and said he would be determined to do everything he could to get every child back in school by September.

This announcement comes just one week after the Prime Minister said the government was planning to create ‘a huge amount of catch up for pupils over the summer’.

£1bn Tuition Funding for English Schools

However, details are still somewhat unclear.

Schools Minister Nick Gibbs told the BBC that these funds would only be given to schools during the next academic year, starting in September. When asked if any of the money could be spent on summer programs, he said schools could budget for extra money now and begin summer programs as soon as they wanted to.

There has also been some criticism with regards to funding not providing any extra support for nurseries and sixth form colleges for those ages 16 to 19 years old. This has caused some harsh criticism of the program. Bill Watkin, chief executive of the Sixth Form Colleges Association called the decisions “entirely unjustifiable”.

Over the past few months there has been a huge amount of discussion and uncertainty surrounding how the global pandemic will affect every single child’s education. Aside from children from disadvantaged backgrounds, many also worried about students in key years such as those taking 11+, GCSE and A-level exams next year. Hopefully this new grant will help schools provide the extra help children need to get back on track.

We recommend any tutoring agency looking to get involved in this program should keep an eye out for further developments. While details are currently still unclear, it is expected these will be announced in the coming days and weeks.

For anyone looking to get more information, we suggest staying up to date with new announcements through media outlets and the government website.

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