Customising Invoices

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How can I change the VAT part of invoices?

To have an invoice show e.g. the Australia specific GST instead of VAT, go into System > Settings > System Customization > HTML Templates. Add a template, call it 'Invoice' and select 'Invoice Template'. Click on 'Edit Content' next to the newly created invoice template. Scroll down to line 223 which should say <p>V.A.T @ :</p>. Replace the 'V.A.T' with e.g. 'GST' and then save the changes.

If you correctly set up your tax settings in System > Settings > Accounting Settings > Tax Setups, the changes you made to the invoice template will show up in invoices from now on.

How do I Include Lesson Hours and/or the Number of Lessons on my Invoice PDFs?

  1. Go to your HTML Templates, for general information about HTML Templates, follow this link.
  2. Create a New Template for Invoice PDFs and/or Edit the Content of an existing Invoice PDF.
  3. At the point in the HTML at which you want to display this lesson information, enter one of two (or both) following variables:
    • For lesson hours enter the variable:
    • For the number of lesson enter the variable:
  4. Save this template and this information will now be available on your regenerated invoices!