Customising PDFs

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How do I Include Custom Fields on my PDFs?

For this article you need to know the prefix of the user you're trying to enter the details for. Below you have a table of which users you can add custom fields to which document for.

Document Type User Prefix
Lesson Report Template Client client
Lesson Report Template Student recipient
Credit Note Template Client client
Payment Order Template Tutor payee
Invoice Template Client client
Receipt Template Client client
Balance Statement Template Client client
  • The first thing you will want to set up will be a custom field for the information you want to display, check out this link for information on Custom Fields.
  • Set this Custom Field to apply to Tutors.
  • Once you have set up your Custom Field, go to System > Settings > Custom Fields and check the "Machine Name" associated with that Custom Field.
  • Go to System > Settings > HTML Templates, for general information about HTML Templates, follow this link.
  • Create a New Template for the document you wish to customise, or Edit the Content of an existing template
  • At the point in the HTML at which you want to display this Custom Field information, you need the role prefix, which can be got from the table above, and the Custom Field's machine name which you can get from the Custom Field in TutorCruncher.
  • For instance, if I was using the a Custom Field for a tutor called 'can-drive' on a Payment Order, then I would use the format {{ payee_can_drive }}.
  • - NB: This is one to watch, wherever there is a hyphen/dash (ie. "-") in your Machine Name, you will need to put an underscore (ie. "_").
  • Save your template and now you are done, your Payment Orders will now show your Custom Field information!