How to use Telleroo Payments

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Please note payments with Telleroo are deprecated in TutorCruncher. See this article for details.

How can I enter bank details for my tutors?

Once Telleroo is set up, you can go to a tutors page and click 'Add Bank Details' to add details.

How does a tutor enter their own bank details?

Once Telleroo is set up, you click the 'Add Bank Details' button on the dashboard to add details.

How do I pay a tutor with Telleroo?

  1. If a tutor has a valid bank account set up, then there will be an option on the right handside of any Raised Payment Order to "Payout" to that tutor.
  2. If you click "Payout" you will then be asked to confirm the payment to that tutor. You can also click "Pay" on the top of the Payment Order details screen.
  3. A user who has been added as a "Payout Approver" will be able to approve these payouts in bulk. Just click "Approve" at the top of the Raised Payment Orders page. You will then have the option to Approve a single payout, or Approve All.
  4. Click Approve/Approve All and you will be brought to a confirmation window which will send an SMS verification code to all Payout Approvers.
  5. Enter the SMS verification code in the box provided and click Confirm, payment will then be sent out from the Telleroo account to the selected tutors.

If a Payout Approver clicks Cancel on a payout instead of approving it, that cancelled payout will disappear from the Approval screen and return to Raised Payment Orders where it will be marked as Unpaid.

How do I set up a Payout Approver?

There are two ways to set up a Payout Approver within TutorCruncher:

  1. If you have set up any fellow Administrators on your Telleroo account, go to System > Settings > Payment Integrations > Update Telleroo Approvers. This will link any admins with their corresponding accounts in Telleroo.

  2. Within TutorCruncher, Navigate to People > Administrators and select the admin in question. On That admin's page, you will see Payout Approver written on the top of the page, with either a tick or a cross beside it. If this shows a tick, this admin is already a Payout Approver. If this shows a cross, this admin is not yet a Payout Approver. Click Edit on the top of that page and you will be presented with the option to "Make Payout Approver"; tick this box and this admin will have the ability to Approve any payouts made through Telleroo.

Please note: You cannot make any administrator a Payout Approver if that admin does not have a valid mobile phone number attached to their profile. Changing a Payout Approver's mobile number on TutorCruncher will not change their mobile number on Telleroo, this will still need to be updated separately if they are to receive SMS confirmation codes when approving payouts.

How do I see which Admins are Payout Approvers?

If you go into People > Administrators and click on an admin's profile, you will see in their information at the top of the page a line reading "Payout Approver". If this line has a tick next to it, this person is a Payout Approver, if this has a cross next to it, they are not.

How long do payments to accounts take?

Payments typically take under 2 hours to go through. We then mark the payment as paid within TutorCruncher.