Invoicing ahead of time

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Invoicing clients ahead of time is sometimes a bit tricky, as you don't always know when tuition will occur, or even how many lessons the client will receive.

With Autopay TutorCruncher allows you to invoice before lessons take place, and send your clients their breakdown of tuition received as well as any lesson reports.

  1. To enable Autopay go to System > Settings > Accounting.
  2. Next step is to issue a credit request, which is basically a request for a client to top their account up. You can find out more here. That will now be sent to the client.
  3. Once this is paid, the client's balance will have increased. You can view it on the client's page.
  4. Now you can log your lessons! You will notice that as the lessons are logged the client's Available Balance will drop.
  5. At the end of the month, generate your invoices as normal. If the client's Invoice Balance is the same or more than the amount on the invoice, it will be marked as paid and sent to the client. This means the client gets a invoice they know is paid, with a breakdown of the tutoring received, as well as any lesson reports.
TutorCruncher's Credit Request Form
TutorCruncher's Credit Request Form

More help can be found here.

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