Online Payouts

Pay your tutors with ease

TutorCruncher is here to transform how you pay your tutors.

Using our new payout integration, you can pay directly into your tutors bank accounts via the payment orders that you send out. These bank transfers are integrated with your TutorCruncher account to minimise manual data entry and maximise your efficiency in running your payroll.

Simple account setup

From within TutorCruncher, you can obtain the secure details to enable your TutorCruncher account to communicate with the Telleroo payout system. Enter this information on your Telleroo account and you now have an account to pay out your tutors. Simply deposit funds into this account to use to then pay your tutors.

Save your tutors' account details

You, and your tutors, are able to save bank account details to your profile. This is stored using tokenization, meaning that your tutor’s bank details are secure. You can edit these account details or remove them at a later stage.

Once they have been saved, these will then be used for all future payouts to the tutor.

No more timesheets

Use TutorCruncher’s accounting to generate payment orders to detail what your tutors are owed. No need to worry about receiving a time sheet or an invoice from your tutors, simply send them a PDF document detailing the payment they are to receive.

With the information from your schedule automating your payment orders, then use the payout integration to execute the payments.

Verify and transfer

Simply go into Telleroo to confirm all of your payouts to approve them to be transferred to your tutor’s bank accounts. These payouts will typically arrive in the tutor’s account in 1 hour or less.

Simple and cost-effective

The time saved compared to manually processing these payments is invaluable. Your workflow is streamlined and your payroll takes minutes, rather than hours.

These payments cost 35p per payment in the UK and $1 in the USA, making the effective payment rate per hour cheaper for your administrators, as well as being cheaper than all major business bank transfer rates.