TutorCruncher Update: New Simplified Billing Emails

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As a part of our continuous efforts to update and improve the TutorCruncher system, our developers have chosen to turn their focus to billing. As every industry becomes more digitalised and quicker, many agencies are looking to transform their business model to a more gig based venture.

Our team concluded that: Users should be able to customise their communication to match the gig-economy business model.

In many aspects the TutorCruncher system is already set-up to meet the demands of this fast moving industry. With functions like ‘Auto Invoice’ users are able to plug their card details into the system, and never have to worry about billing again. However, we are always striving to do more!

Please note: This new update will include the deletion of a number of existing email definitions. Please read the ‘Our Updates’ section to find out more.

The Latest Improvements

Our latest update will improve some key aspects of the system:

  • Too many billing emails: From talking to our clients we have found out that many of their end users would be happier with fewer billing emails.
  • Complicated user-by-user customisation: We want to make communication settings more simple and more customisable on a customer-by-customer basis.
  • Information overload: For many of our end-users, getting a detailed bill after every lesson is excessive.

Our updates

Simplified billing emails

We’re stripping back billing email definitions and simplifying the communication process. Based on feedback from our clients we have learned that our billing emails are too long winded. We have therefore chosen to simplify our billing emails by creating 4 universal email templates to replace 10 existing ones.

The following emails will be removed from the TutorCruncher system on the 02/11/2020:

Old definitions Replaced by
Send Auto-Charged Invoice
Send Credit Request
Send Invoice
Payment request
Send Credit Request Reminder
Send Invoice Reminder
Payment request reminder
Send Paid Credit Request
Send Paid Invoice
Payment made from credit
Credit Request Receipt
Invoice receipt
Top up receipt
Payment receipt

You will also be able to view which emails will be deleted within System > Settings > Email Definitions. They are all marked with a red symbol.

Easier email overview

This update focuses on improving user experience and navigation within our email settings. Email definitions are now divided into the same sections as the rest of the system.

Example of the new email definition display
Example of the new email definition display

For example, let's say you are looking to update your email related to lesson reports. Since this function is located within the ‘Activity’ section in the left hand menu, you will be able to locate the email within the activity section.

We’ve also made email triggers clearer, so you know exactly when each email is sent.

Effortless customisation

Customising notifications on a user by user basis should be simple. That is why we have replaced our existing settings with new refined checkboxes.

Communications can now be specified on a more granular scale. Clients, tutors, students and affiliates (for those who use them) have a 'Received notifications' section, accessible when editing a user's profile, that determines what they receive. Some examples are:

  • Broadcasts
  • Lesson Reminder
  • Low balance reminders
  • Invoice payment requests
  • Credit Request payment requests

Invoices detached

Attaching an itemised PDF to each email felt a bit old fashioned to us here, and not really representative of a mainly gig economy industry. That was reflected from user feedback, and we have had requests to choose whether to send the PDFs in the emails to your clients.

So we've added that option for you all. By default, invoice and credit request PDFs will be attached to your payment-related Emails and SMSs, but you can choose to change that. This has the added benefit of making sending Invoice and Credit Requests a lot faster, we don't have to process the whole PDF and attach it to the email anymore!

Get in touch with our team

This update was created to make your life more simple, so we want your feedback! If you have any questions or comments about the billing updates, or about any other aspect of the TutorCruncher system, we want to know!

Coming soon...

Our developers team are continuing to update and improve all aspects of the system. Next, they are turning their focus to Job and Lesson pages.

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