Tutoring costs across the world

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Updated  Mark Biggins

A conversation with an American client this week produced an interesting difference between the US and UK markets. In London “supertutors” working for the most prestigious agencies and highest value clients might be earning up to £70/hr through agencies charging north of £100/hr. But these prices are relatively unusual and a much usual fee would be half of that. But apparently in New York, the average charge might be in the range of $100-$300/hr. What could possibly explain this enormous disparity?

Whilst SAT prep for university entry has been important in the USA for a long time, in general the choice of school and undergraduate university is less decisive than in the UK and consequently parents do not feel the same need to invest in tutoring. Coupled with the absence of national examinations, the tutoring market is still mostly specialized and high-end leading to high hourly rates.

Secondly, the economics of the American middle classes are quite different, the American professional class from which most clients and tutors emerge have much higher average incomes, perhaps 2 or 3 times their equivalents in the UK. Ivy League graduates have quite different earning expectations that their Oxbridge peers

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