How to advertise your tutors online?

 Diepstraten Niek
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When you're running a tutoring business, it is very important to decide whether you want to list your tutors on your website or not. A lot of companies are afraid that when they advertise their tutors online, clients will contact the tutors directly and make a deal with them. In other words, they are afraid that they will miss out on new clients and profit.

On the other hand, having your tutors listed on your website can be a great marketing tool. When Clients can see the tutors with all of their details, they know exactly what they're getting, and especially when you're working kids, the client wants to know where they are signing up for.

In this article, I will elaborately explain how you advertise your tutors on your website using TutorCruncher, and what TC does to overcome the problem of missing out on clients.

How to list your tutors on your website?

As you might already know, there are Sockets that you can use to link your website with TutorCruncher. One of these Sockets is the Tutor List Socket, which allows you to (as the name already says) list your tutors on your website, including all of their details like qualifications, teaching skills, hourly rate, bio, reviews (in the form of a star rating), and an option to request tuition with this tutor via an inquiry form.

In addition to that, your clients are able to filter the tutor list by Subject or Location so that they only see what is relevant to them. You can see an example of this Tutor List Socket on the DinoTutors

Click here if you want to learn how to embed this socket onto your own website.

Tutor List Socket on the DinoTutors website

How does the Socket overcome the problem of missing out on clients while still advertising your tutors online?

Firstly, you decide which tutors are being listed on your website by giving the tutors that you want on your website a ‘Public Profile’ label. This can come in quite handy when you only want to list Tutors on your website that you trust, and have worked with for a long time. Also, if you only want your tutors with great reviews, you might only want to give them the Public Profile label.

Secondly, you control which tutor details are being shared with your clients. For example, if you don’t want your clients to know the last name of your tutor, we give you the option to only list their first name + last name initial, or only the first name.

You decide what information about the tutors you share on your website

Lastly, as already mentioned, when clients click on a tutor that they are interested in they get the option to contact the tutor. They’ll be asked to fill out an inquiry form, however, this inquiry form won’t go directly to the tutor.

Once the inquiry form has been submitted, a new Prospect Client will automatically be created in the system with the details that the client has entered in the contact form. Also, a job will automatically be created with the tutor as an applicant.

Your admins are automatically being notified about the requests via email, which allows them to get in touch with the client as soon as they have shown interest in your service.

Tutor, Martha S, her profile with her Bio, Hourly Rate, Skills, Star Rating (including hours reviewed), Location, and an option to contact her (inquiry form).


To summarize, TutorCruncher’s Tutor List Socket allows you to list your tutors on your website without taking the risk of missing out on clients and profit.

You decide who/what is shown, and you control what happens after an inquiry has been submitted for tuition with a specific tutor.

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