Things you need to think about before starting a tutoring business

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Updated  Niek Diepstraten

No matter what industry you are in, every company is different. However, especially in the tutoring field, there are a lot of ways you can diversify your business. Before you're starting a full-time tutoring agency, it is of great importance that you decide what type of tutoring company you are going to be running. Among other things, questions that you need to ask yourself are:

  • Am I going to tutor myself? And if so, am I going to take other Tutors onboard?
  • Will my tutoring agency be online, face to face or both?
  • Am I going to do group classes or private/one-on-one tutoring?
  • Do I need a website?
  • What kind of students am I going to focus on (Children/Teenagers/Adults)?
  • How will I take payment from clients (In arrears, or prepayment/package deals)?
  • And how will I manage my business and all of my data?

As you can see, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Furthermore, besides these decisions, when your agency starts to scale up your administrative workload will increase tremendously and there's a lot of planning involved. If you want to keep the overview and reduce the administrative workload when your business starts to grow, using TAMS (Tutoring Agency Management Software) right from the beginning is highly recommended.

TutorCruncher gives you a clear overview of how your business is doing

Tutoring Agency Management Software

Especially in the startup phase of your company, when a lot of changes are made, you want to be very flexible. Additionally, you want your business to be scalable and don't want to stick to an Excel sheet. A good TAMS does not only allow you to be more flexible but also saves you a lot of work. TutorCruncher is the best TAMS available on the market and assists your company with client onboarding, the tutor application process, billing clients, payout to tutors, tutor/student matching, analytics, online tutoring with an online whiteboard integration and more. Even though every tutoring agency is different, TutorCruncher fits with every single one of them. On top of that, with a little help of Custom CSS, it even allows you to change the style and colors so that our software is aligned with your brand.

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