Website Design and Development

TutorCruncher also builds websites!

Lots of people ask us the question, “How does TutorCruncher work with my website?” Our team can build you a website that will put your company in the best possible position to grow with TutorCruncher.

A good website looks professional, provides quality content, functions correctly, is simple to use, and provides great SEO. Our new Website Design and Development service does all this and more.

Seamless TutorCruncher integration

With TutorCruncher Socket, your website will not only be an inviting and informative shop front for your business but also incorporate your TutorCruncher for more efficient client conversion and tutor-student matching.

All of your tutor profiles will be approved and modified directly from your user database, and all clients who make enquiries will be automatically added to TutorCruncher for you to follow-up.

Fast and secure by design

There's little that would turn potential customers away as much as a slow website - we ensure everything we build will be lightweight and optimised for all devices.

We host your site with Netlify and GitHub, so security will be top notch.

Easily Updated

We know you don't want to call us every time you want to update your content, so editing and updating content is easy - and our legendary support team is always on hand to help you out!

SEO Optimised

Using Socket already gives you huge benefits to SEO, and we'll make sure to advise the best practices that will give you the chance for clients to find your business.

Clear and reasonable pricing

Our typical builds start from $2000/£1500, which includes 3 pages including the home page, a full Socket integration and setting the site up to be hosted with Netlify. We'll also include lessons on how to edit your content, and advice on the dos and don'ts going forward.