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 Paula Antalffy
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An introduction to Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool which allows you to connect your frequently used apps, to create a more streamlined workflow. This tool is very useful for anyone looking to save time. Connecting your apps through Zapier means you will never have to waste your time copying information over from one system to another again.

Zapier is used by over 1 million users, and is utilised by big companies such as Adobe, Buzzfeed and Spotify. The system integrates with over 2,000 apps, and we are happy to announce that TutorCruncher is officially one of them! This means that you can connect TutorCruncher with many of your other apps, to make admin work even more simple.

So let’s take a look at Zapier, how it works, and how it can help you streamline your workflow.

A beginners guide to Zapier

The above image highlights how Zapier works. In this example you receive an email in your Gmail account with an attachment. This attachment is then automatically copied over to your DropBox Account, and you are sent an alert on Slack saying that you need to review the attachment in your DropBox. This means you will never miss an attachment again. These actions are called Zaps, and work lightning fast.

You can set up Zapier with a few clicks. Just create a Zapier account, select the apps you wish to connect, configure your action by filling in a short form and click save. Zapier also provides you with useful suggestions of which apps you should connect with which ones, based on what other users are doing.

Under My Zaps you can also switch all your Zaps on and off, meaning you will only have to set up any Zap once.

The best thing about Zapier is it is completely free. There is a premium plan available for people wanting added support and the ability to change advanced settings. However, you do not need it to automate your everyday tasks.

Using Zapier With TutorCruncher

As you can see in the image above TutorCruncher can be linked with Gmail and DocuSign to streamline your work flow.

This example allows you to send an email to every client who signs up to TutorCruncher, asking them to sign a Terms and Conditions document through DocuSign. This way you can make sure that as soon as a client has signed up they agree to your terms and conditions. This is just one example of the dozens of things you can use Zapier for. TutorCruncher can integrate with apps to create students and clients, as well as jobs and lessons when triggered by other apps.

We know some of our clients have been waiting for Zapier integration for a long time, so we are super excited to officially have this feature included in our Software. We also had a number of clients helping with Beta testing and would like to thank them for their help and support in the process!

TutorCruncher is currently only available on Zapier through invite, so use this link to access the app. If you have any more questions about Zapier or TutorCruncher feel free to get in touch via our in-app chat or by emailing

To learn more about our tutor management software and its other features, have a browse of our features page!

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