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An Exciting Year at TutorCruncher

2018, what a year, huh?

Now as we stand squarely in the doorway of 2019 it seems appropriate to cast our eyes back over the year behind us and reflect on all the changes that have taken place.

Our dedicated TutorCrunchees will have come to expect a Monthly Newsletter detailing our software updating exploits of every month, but this one is special, an opportunity to take stock of the last year and how far we've all come here at team TC.

December 2018 Updates

Pro Forma Invoice Subscriptions:

In the past, one could only create subscriptions for Ad Hoc Charges. Now, with the new update, it is also possible to create Credit Request Subscriptions, which makes it a lot easier to receive payment on a monthly recurring basis.

A Credit request is an upfront request from a client for payment. Once the credit request is paid, their balance will go up, and as lessons are invoiced their balance will reduce accordingly.

If you want your clients to top up their balance every month, simply create a subscription for credit request items, and they'll automatically be invoiced once a month.

Enabled auto invoice for subscriptions

If enabled, besides automatically allowing invoices to be sent to a client when a particular lesson is marked complete, auto invoicing is now enabled for subscriptions as well.

Add roles API endpoints

At the moment, our API is in development and endpoints are being added all the time. Our latest update on our API included endpoints of different roles. It is now possible to access information from not only your Tutors but also Clients and Students.

Showing user age on a date type custom field

We've also added a new type of Custom Field for dates. If you want to (e.g.) add the age of someone to their profile, simply create a custom field with the Date custom field for date of birth.

Entering Date of Birth and Age on a User Profile
Entering Date of Birth and Age on a User Profile

Bug fixes and code improvements:

In order to give our users the best experience that they can possibly get, it is very important that we keep improving our code and make sure that bugs are being fixed as soon as we find out that they are there.

Also in December, a number of bugfixes and code improvements have been executed.

Client spend timezone fix - Client spend adjusted for timezone

In addition to the bug fixes, the issues with the Client Spend time zone has been fixed as well. The time zone will now automatically be adjusted.

When a client submits an inquiry, they will automatically receive a Client Enquiry Confirmation email. In the past, the email that was being sent out to the client included standard information like the company name and contact information. With the new update, you are now able to include a link to set a password, by simply adding this variable to the Email Definition of the Client Enquiry Confirmation.

The list of available variables on the Client Inquiry
The list of available variables on the Client Inquiry

Adding country and currency to signup & removed option for editing currency

When signing up for a TutorCruncher account, you can now select your country and the currency that you are using.

Additionally, as some of our users were facing issues with their accounting after changing the currency after invoices had been sent/ payments had been made, we have removed the option for editing branch currency.

Xmas Web Icon

I am sure that you've all seen that our lovely web-icon is feeling Christmassy. Together with our web-icon, the TutorCruncher team is wishing you all the joys of the season and happiness throughout 2019!

Our favourite little TutorCruncher T-Rex was feeling especially festive this Christmas
Our favourite little TutorCruncher T-Rex was feeling especially festive this Christmas

2018 in Review

Built the API

This was a major change for the team here in TutorCruncher, it seems hard to believe now that it wasn't always there.

A lot of our customers will be familiar with the TutorCruncher Socket for handling Enquiries, Listing Tutors Publicly and Appointment Booking, but not as many have taken advantage of the TutorCruncher API.

The API allows companies building their own website integrations with TutorCruncher to have API access, over the year we've built a tonne of accessible information via the API.

Want some examples? Looking for some Inspiration? You should Browse the API here.

PFI Subscriptions

We've had Subscriptions available on tutorCruncher for a while, but, until 2018, they really hadn't hit their stride.

Originally, our concept of Subscriptions was only as a flat charge which was billed to your customer every month. Sounds pretty accurate, right?

Well, yes. But then we started to ask ourselves, what if they could be more?

By bringing Credit Requests into the world of Subscriptions, we made it so that you have the option to automatically ask the client for Pre-Payment of $XXX on a certain day every month, to pay for the classes that will take place in the month ahead.

Adding this functionality has been massively useful to a lot of our new signups, giving them a lot more freedom in how they bill and reducing the workload of many who take pre-payment for classes.

Billing Your Clients in Multiple Currencies

A very exciting change for all our transnational users, as of Autumn/Fall 2018, TutorCruncher now offers the capability for you to bill your customers in their home currencies.

For the time being, this feature is limited to Ad Hoc Charges, and so we haven't taken the change to the meat and potatoes of hourly lesson charges, but keep your eyes peeled for more multi-currency options to be enabled in 2019!

Telleroo in the UK and the USA

It's hard to believe that before October 2017 we didn't have any automatic payroll system for either our UK or our US users.

Times have certainly changed and now Telleroo's Automatic Bank Transfer System is an integral part of the TC platform.

For the uninitiated; Telleroo is a way to transfer money directly to your tutors accounts for the hours they have worked, all from the TutorCruncher platform.

At the beginning of 2018 our UK customers were going crazy to get Telleroo setup, and in Fall 2018 the change went global and our US customers could join in the fun; vastly reducing the hours spent performing payroll operations using other systems.

Socket Enquiries into Job Descriptions + Client Booking Socket Integration

We mentioned the API, that's for our hardcore web devs out there who want to tinker around with the information TutorCruncher can provide to your website.

However, not all of our updates require technical effort, the TutorCruncher Socket (which you can access some of our changes make things a lot easier right out of the box

Bulk Credit Requests

TutorCruncher's Credit Requests have made a big leap forward in 2018 and they are playing a bigger and bigger role in the operations of so many of our clients internationally. We have improved the credit request functionality to bring more in line with the level of automation offered by invoicing in arrears. The way this works is as follows:

  • Tutors plan future lessons
  • Go to Draft Credit Requests, click Regenerate and specify a date range in the future (the date range for which you want clients to pay upfront)
  • This will populate your screen with Draft Credit Requests which will ask the clients for prepayment of all lessons occuring within those dates
  • Review, Confirm and Raise Credit Requests for your clients.
  • Email notifications sent out and automatic payment processed
Credit Requests are moving up the food chain as an extremely popular billing option
Credit Requests are moving up the food chain as an extremely popular billing option

Custom Field Expansion

We have expanded our Custom Field options. Custom Fields are custom fields that you can add to jobs, users, lessons, and reports. As not every agency needs the same information from their clients/tutors (e.g. age, eye color, gender etc. ), Custom Fields allow your users to input extra information that may be useful for your operations. You can also filter and search through your users and content by Custom Fields.

Client Sales Pipeline

Another very exciting update was the Client Sales Pipeline one. A seamless and smart sales conversion process which can be found in the client database section. Before this update, we had a "Prospect" tab for all prospective clients. The Pipeline is basically a replacement of the old Prospect tab but has a more in-depth functionality to allow you to better manage the process by which you onboard clients with your company.

Custom Administrator Dashboard

Some significant improvements have been made to the dashboard. We want our users to have a dashboard on which you can find important information, rather than a slightly pointless, though aesthetically pleasing and quite cool, map of where your users where.

After a lot of debate on what important information about the state of your business includes, we settled on revenue, both short and long term, and see how busy you are. However, the dashboard can be amended for every single Administrator so that you can decide what is relevant and for which admin. Breathtaking right?

Just look at that snazzy dashboard
Just look at that snazzy dashboard

Automated Client Reviews

Instead of having to think about client reviews all the time, reviews can now automatically be requested (If you want them to). These automated reviews can be used in two different ways. One way is automatically requesting reviews from your clients when a tutor marks a job as finished. And the other way is by setting a number of lesson units per job, when the of lessons is reached, a request for a review will automatically be sent out.


In the end of May (2018) TutorCruncher has made changes to the way we handle data and clarifying our terms and conditions due to the GDPR legislation. This covers both how we as a service provider give tutoring companies that use us the means to be compliant with their users, but also how we as a company are data compliant with our clients. Click here for more information regarding the GDPR and if you want to know how these distinctions are outlined in detail.

Your TutorCruncher data is as safe as houses - fully compliant with all GDPR regulations
Your TutorCruncher data is as safe as houses - fully compliant with all GDPR regulations

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.

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