A Fond Farewell

 Sam Jenkins
Business Management Small business Startup

Dear fellow TutorCrunchers,

After having been a part of the TutorCruncher furniture for nearly two years, the time has come for me to bid TC a fond farewell. I am to start a new job soon and so will be finishing my time at TutorCruncher this week. As this chapter of my own professional life draws to a close, it seems apt to look in the rear-view mirror of the journey we’ve had together!

As a product, TutorCruncher has developed tremendously for the better since I began. I always enjoyed putting together our monthly newsletters as the work we did was always directly borne of conversations with our users. There is always more which the team is eager to do, and I always tried to lobby on behalf of our clients to ensure that their wishes were represented at the table. I was also in a fortunate position to directly see the impact of the system on people’s companies and lives, often involving people saying something to the tune of; “I really have no idea how I was doing all of this without TutorCruncher”. I am proud to have been a part of the impact that TutorCruncher has had on businesses around the world.

Attendees of my farewell Chinese meal from left-right: Fionn, Tomasz, Yours truly, Hugo, Tom, and Samuel out of picture

When I started with TutorCruncher, my main remit was to do what it took to grow the company. Since then, we have nearly quadrupled in size. To have been fortunate enough to be at the forefront of this growth, to work with users on every continent around the world, and to serve companies of all different shapes and sizes has been an immense pleasure. Particularly poignant was describing this growth trajectory as part of our hiring process for my replacement. It was quite something to have felt like I played such an active role in the journey the company has been on so far. We also moved into a snazzy new office earlier this year and will be celebrating the move with a party on 12th September!

I will be attending as a guest, rather than as a part of the team at TC. I look forward to seeing many of you there!

A couple of personal highlights include:

  • Our most “ambitious” project, the infamous TC Bot
  • TutorLuncher (This is just the name for when we go for lunch. If there were anything that would represent a legacy, I hope it would be this).
  • Regular 3pm HQ Trivia
I was honoured to be at the forefront of TC bot testing

I am so grateful to all of those with whom I have had the pleasure of working over the past two years. Whether it has been on the online chat, on a video call, or in person, it has been so interesting to meet with people of all walks of life who had an interest in TutorCruncher. There are a number of interns who have all made contributions to TutorCruncher with their hard work, so a big thank you to Hugo, Luca, Susi, Aurelien, and Maria.

A big thanks to Malachy for always showing belief in me and for making me feel like an integral part of the team from day 1. He would often have a knack of providing real gems of insight and encouragement, so his opinion was one I would always respect. I wish him the best of luck in his new life as a married man!

I would like to apologise profusely to Tom, who I think has caught whiff of my strategy of asking “can you answer a couple of simple questions?” which then lead into a frighteningly complex and convoluted set of demands. That makes it all the more worthwhile to stress how I’m grateful for his patience and sincere advice. I can only that I can later in life emulate his dedication, working attitude, and ability to balance the finer details with the big picture.

And thank you to Samuel, too. I always enjoyed discussions around Sapiens-esque topics (much to Tom’s dismay), but I will undoubtedly take away from him the virtues in talking plainly and earnestly. It’s an ongoing effort of mine to be less verbose and get to the point! I have always felt like a valued member of this team and will miss the collaborative atmosphere that felt like such a big part of our day to day shenanigans.

It’s been a great ride. I’m as excited to see how TutorCruncher progresses as I am for my own future, and am proud to have been a part of everything we have achieved since December 2016.

Onwards and upwards!