A Frenchy's Experience at TutorCruncher

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Updated  Hugo Delannoy

For the past 3 months, I have been interning at TutorCruncher. My studies in IT in the EISTI engineer school (France) require an internship abroad, and so I tried to find a London based web dev company because I really like London and I want to understand a real working life in this city. Searching for this specific type of internship was a little bit difficult, as not a lot of companies would take a student for 3 months since they would ‘waste' most of their time helping him when they can do the work quicker. However, this is not always the case. Now, I sadly need to leave TutorCruncher and go back to France. This blog post intends to describe my feelings when working in TutorCruncher. As you can imagine, my experience was just awful wonderful! Picture a Frenchy arriving in TutorCruncher London's office and trying to find his feet. My first attempt to do so was to eat an absolute bucket-load of custard with a slice of apple pie. I immediately imagined that a lot of people thought: I was not able to finish and digest all this custard! But I'm competitive and succeeded in this initial test. After that, I won their respect and began to integrate myself with the team. 😄

My first attempt to fit in the British culture: ordering an absolute bucket load of custard with my apple pie

The last intern before me wrote this excellent blog post and describes their office as very simple. I'm proud to say that TutorCruncher has moved and is now in a beautiful large and luminous office. If you want to discover the people behind the screen, for sure I would suggest coming to TutorCruncher party on the 12th September. I pretty confident that in this working environment the team has increased its productivity and given its customers an even better service. I took advantage of this environment, since being in Vauxhall we can play tennis in the morning and then go to work and use the showers on-site to be nice and fresh! What an improvement compared to the old office...

At the end of the day, I have learned so many things during this TutorCruncher summer experience! Obviously, the first thing is the language. As a French student, I want to proudly honour my people and do my best to impress others with my English skills. The fact is that my academic skills are far far away from what it needs to survive in an office full of native British speakers who make a little effort to help me understand their discussions. But it's definitely helped me learn quicker. Also, the football World Cup help mine to be well integrated!

Imagine the final between the France and England in the office!

The second thing is my coding skills. I already learned the basic skills in my engineer school. Firstly I thought it was more than basic competency but when I discover TutorCuncher's code... I was amazed by the complexity and the quality. It's not for nothing that the team has a 99,9% website uptime. So, I realize that I can do so much with the Django framework and that encourages me to start new personal projects with it or for my Junior Enterprise Cap EISTI of which I'm the president. I have no more word to thank the team for what they provide me for coding skills as well as a human experience!

Finally, If you are an IT student and you need to do a coding internship, I would highly recommend to do it with these guys!

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