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The cobwebs have been dusted off and cylinders are fully firing for 2018 as we look fondly back at last year, disappearing hastily in the rearview mirror. More people are using TutorCruncher than ever, whether that be new tutors applying for work and filling out their profiles, invoices been generated and sent, or reviews being requested. That makes it an exciting time to both be at TutorCruncher and to be with TutorCruncher!

There have been a couple of significant additions to TutorCruncher over this past month which we are extremely excited to share with you. These are mainly to do with helping you manage your sales process much more effectively, by giving you tools to do much more of your sales conversion process through the system as well as the day to day management of your clients and your jobs. Let’s dive right in!

Client Sales Pipeline

We have developed a slick, smart, and seamless sales conversion process in TutorCruncher via the new Pipeline section of your client database. In short, this is to replace the old ‘Prospect’ tab with a more in-depth functionality to allow you to better manage the process by which you on-board clients with your company.

Drag and drop your clients as they advance through your sales pipeline
Drag and drop your clients as they advance through your sales pipeline

If you take a look at the Pipeline by going to People > Clients > Pipeline, you can see that there are 3 distinct stages by which you can organise your clients who aren’t yet ‘Live’. We have set up the default versions of these stages as generic on-boarding processes for a typical tutoring company, but the really exciting part is that you can customise these stages and add up to 6 different ones! Simply go into your System > Settings > Pipeline Stages and customise away. You can drag and drop this stages to reorder how they appear on the Client page, create additional ones, rename existing ones, and most importantly of all: *edit the colours. *You heard me right, TutorCruncher is your canvas and the Pipeline Stages are your paintbrush.

Configure and reorder your Pipeline stages
Configure and reorder your Pipeline stages

With your Pipeline configured to your company’s desires, you can begin to use its functionality. The point here is that you can get a snapshot view of where your clients are at in their onboarding process and how long they have been there, by dragging and dropping them through the stages of the pipeline based on your recent interactions with them. That way, at a glance, your company can get a breakdown of how many users are awaiting a tutor to be matched to their job, for example, before you drag them into your next stage of asking them for feedback about their first lesson. It is worth adding to that the Pipeline can be filtered by client manager and by label, ensuring that a specific administrator can get a clear picture of what position their clients are in. No matter how many (or few) stages you have set up, the ultimate idea is to mark your clients as ‘Won’ or ‘Lost’. This will move them into the ‘Live’ or ‘Dormant’ status respectively and will allow us to build in some exciting future analytics based on how many clients have been converted in your sales process.

Manage your client’s stage from within their profile
Manage your client’s stage from within their profile

Custom Administrator Dashboard

Last summer, we introduced our Dashboard 2.0 and all the new analytics therein. Today, we take things a step further by giving you control over what you, the administrator, see on your Dashboard when you log in as well as new information for you to act on. Let’s talk about the new additions to your dashboard:


you can show a list of all of the tasks which have been scheduled for today in order to get a quick overview of what your day may hold. TutorCruncher will also let you know of any overdue tasks which you need to act on or mark as complete. There are two new panels for this: All Tasks shows any task on the company account whereas My Tasks shows just those tasks which are assigned to you specifically.

Available Jobs

This allows you to get a snapshot of the most recently created jobs under the status ‘Available for Application’. Additionally, you can also see how many total applications have been received on that job as well as how many have come in today. As before, there are two new panels for this: All Available Jobs shows everything on the company account whereas My Available Jobs just shows the jobs on which you are the client manager for the client.

Active Jobs

Similar to above, this gives you a simple overview of all the other jobs which are currently active, showing you their status and when the last lesson was logged on them. As before, there are two new panels for this: All Active Jobs shows everything on the company account whereas My Active Jobs just shows the jobs on which you are the client manager for the client.

Customise your dashboard so that the information you need is always easy to find
Customise your dashboard so that the information you need is always easy to find

With all of this information at your fingertips, you can now customise what you do and do not want to appear on your dashboard to ensure that only the most relevant information is shown to you. Simply go to your admin profile by clicking in the top-right of your screen and selecting ‘Account’, where you then have the option to select ‘Configure Dashboard’. As with the screenshot above, on this screen, you can then drag and drop the relevant panels into the column on the left if you wish for them to be displayed, or the column on the right if you would prefer to have them hidden. You can also re-order them from top to bottom as to which ones you would like to appear first to make sure you get that layout *juuuuust *right. Client managers, company owners, no matter the administrator, go right ahead and get your relevant panels up there and start using those tasks to keep track of your daily workflow!

Automated Client Reviews

At TutorCruncher, we are big fans of the reviews which your clients can fill in about the tutors that they have had. Previously, you simply went to a client’s profile and ‘Requested Reviews’ to allow them to rate the tutor, all feeding into an average rating on the tutor’s profile to give you great insight into what your clients think about their tutoring. Now, you can take these review requests and have them send out automatically to your clients after a certain number of hours of tutoring have taken place.

All about the sales - TutorCruncher February ‘18 Newsletter

Simply go into your System > Settings > Activity, where you can find the ‘Request Reviews automatically’ option. This is where you can enable/disable the automatic review requests. Additionally, adjust the default Review Units field to indicate after how many hours/lessons on a job you would like a review to be requested. With this in mind, once the tutor has completed at least the number of hours designated on this screen, the client will automatically receive a request to complete a review on that very tutor. For more information on how reviews work, check out our help site.

Job Export

There is a great deal of useful information in your Analytics section of TutorCruncher to allow you to run all kinds of sophisticated reporting on your sales and on your lessons. However, to give you the best access to all of your data, you can now export your jobs list from the system to get a better breakdown of the raw data. Simply go into System > Export > Jobs to download a CSV file which you can format to your heart’s content.

What else is in the pipeline?

With all of these new sales and conversion related improvements (I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of drag and drop?!) we are likely to be spending the next month fine tuning some existing aspects of TutorCruncher’s functionality and user experience. Maybe we’ll add some new panels to the admin dashboard, maybe there will be some exciting improvements to TutorCruncher Socket… You’ll just have to wait and see. You can expect to hear from us again soon in the meantime with exciting improvements, but for now, get selling and get growing!

Thanks for reading,

The TutorCruncher Team

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