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March has been a very busy month for TutorCruncher, and we've seen some big features released.

TutorCruncher's making waves!

Last month we were delighted to be featured by businessadvice.co.uk in an article about how TutorCruncher, originally designed to solve a problem for a single tutoring agency, has now gone to transform an entire industry.

You can read the article here, which includes an interview with our co-founder and director Malachy.

Handle new Client enquiries within TutorCruncher

A client enquiry form is now available on your log in page, and can also be embedded into your own website.

Not only do you and your admins get an email containing the client's enquiry, but any new prospect clients are created in TutorCruncher so you can view their details in the same place as the rest of your clients.

Handle Client Enquiries within TutorCruncher
Handle Client Enquiries within TutorCruncher

Take payments automatically with AutoCharge

AutoCharge lets you take a deferred payment when you send invoices, either by card or direct debit, further streamlining the invoicing process and freeing up more time for you to expand your business.

Find out more.

A new Help Site for Tutors is live

We reacted to feedback from some of you asking for some help content for your tutors, so here it is!

We've packed in videos and text to help tutors through the basic processes within TutorCruncher, from filling in their profile to logging their lessons and filling in reports.

You can view it here.

The New Help Site for Tutors
The New Help Site for Tutors

Use Tasks to manage your Clients and Tutors

Create Tasks for your admins, or yourself, to prompt you to phone clients, email a tutor, or simply to check on how a job is going.

Find out more.

Document Uploads are quicker and easier

We found that a lot of users weren't utilising this powerful part of the system, so we've made lots if improvements in this section to help you out.

We've cleaned up the UI in a few ways, including redoing the entire permissions section to make it easier for you to decide who should be access what document. We've also introduced drag and drop with Dropzone.js. Find out more about documents here.

You can even upload multiple documents at once!
You can even upload multiple documents at once!

Send reminders so your tutors and clients never forget about a lesson

You can enable lesson reminders for clients, tutors and/or admins to be sent before a lesson happens; you can even choose how long before the lesson you want the reminder to be sent out!

Find out more.

Make sure your tutors can get to every lesson with our integrated Travel Time Checker

Using Google's Distance Matrix TutorCruncher now checks distances between your lessons for you tutors, so if you try and book a lesson for a tutor who won't be able to get there in time from his/her last lesson, you will know.

TutorCruncher uses Google Maps to work out travel times
TutorCruncher uses Google Maps to work out travel times

What else?

We've also done a tonne of smaller improvements and big fixes, all viewable on the full Developer Timeline.


TutorCruncher would like to give a huge Thank You to all of the companies that have paid for the development of features. As a progressive software company we are always open to developing new features for groups of companies, or individual companies, if we feel it will be of benefit to the majority of our customers.

If you would like to talk to someone about developing something bespoke for your company. Please ring the office and ask to speak to Tom, or email tom@tutorcruncher.com.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@tutorcruncher.com.

Kind regards, The TutorCruncher Team

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