How Tutorcruncher Began

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 Luke Christian

Sitting in a basement, phones ringing veritably every minute, after a buzzing first year in business at Bright Young Things around mid 2007, the initial glee of having a higher turnover than expected was met with a wall of administrative woe. The process of manually issuing invoices to manifold clients was a long and costly one. Piled high with endless spreadsheets, templates, paper, forms, data bases, ink, postal fees; it became clearer by the minute that this was entirely unsustainable for a growing business.

Thus the seeds of an idea for an online multi-use platform for automated invoicing were laid. And yet the kind of tool needed to meet the demands of a growing business in the fast moving, highly competitive field of private tuition, was no doubt going to be a multi-faceted, highly flexible one. If there could exist a platform not only for invoicing but for holding a vast database of clients and tutors upon which a business such as BYT is built. It thus became clear that the kind of Customer Relationship Management tool needed to meet the needs of BYT and indeed many other major companies in the landscape.

There is certain grand romance involved in writing by hand ones invoices, with a determinedly furrowed brow — or our equivalent being G-Suite and Google for Business as we did in our early days. But the man hours involved are insurmountable and impossible to ignore. That’s where TutorCruncher truly comes into the fore: It is that extra member of staff. As an interface it is customisable to such an extent that it feels like a natural part of our business, simple to engage with, and highly responsive to our own growth and development. Invoicing becomes a veritable breeze, keeping in touch with tutors and clients is streamlined and, alongside personalised weekly updates, financial patterns are graphed accessibly making it simple to spot peaks, troughs and client spending patterns.

As we’ve begun to extend the Tuition Centres side of our business; opening new Maths and English centres in Harrow, St Albans and High Wycombe, we’ve further gained dividends from TutorCruncher and it’s flexibility as a business tool. Our Centres are now thriving, supplying quality after school Maths and English Tuition to hundreds of children aged 5–14 across the South of the U.K and as we further expand, having the infrastructure that TutorCruncher affords us already in place makes this a painless and entirely innovative process.

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