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 Dan Jerkins

TutorCruncher is thrilled to announce ground-breaking new technologies that are destined to have a profound effect on how companies use the system and how parents and their children work with the companies. We have taken a three-pronged approach to the system’s direction in terms of guiding principles of:

  1. A more personal experience
  2. UX which transcends manual input
  3. Making tutoring more accessible

With these principles at the forefront of our recent development of TutorCruncher, we are delighted to highlight some incoming features that align perfectly with this vision.

Thumb-based login

Have you ever forgotten your password to log into TutorCruncher? Fret no longer, as you can now log in using your thumbprint. Using a spectacular new process with existing technology, you can register your thumbprint with your TutorCruncher account to smooth your login process. This process is as follows:

  1. Proceed to your company’s login page
  2. Apply your thumb to your front facing camera for 5ish seconds
  3. Never need to remember your password again!

It really is that simple. We would advise at this stage for those users who want to log into different accounts with different companies to use a different digit. If anybody has more than 10 different logins, they should reach out to

Remember to clean the thumbprints off your webcam before you have another video call!
Remember to clean the thumbprints off your webcam before you have another video call!

All of this is in full respect of incoming GDPR legislation, so should any user wish to honour their ‘right to be forgotten’, TutorCruncher will willingly oblige and offer our data secure login system via stealthed carrier pigeon.

Voice activated administration

We have drawn inspiration from the Alexas and Google Assistants of this world and are delighted to now be trialling TutorChatter: a voice driven way to remove manual input when using TutorCruncher. Based on the signal ‘Come on, TutorCruncher!’ you can instruct your account to action processes on your account. The existing lists of instructions includes, and is not limited to:

  • ‘Come on, TutorCruncher, send all my tutors a message reminding them to log their hours’
  • ‘Come on, TutorCruncher, generate my invoices and include a personalised note to Ms Smith for her invoice’
  • ‘Come on, TutorCruncher, tidy up my sales Pipeline and go interview some tutors’

We’re looking forward to adding further functionality that allows TutorChatter to really optimise your time. If you would like to have your own custom commands programmed into the TutorChatter functionality, record an audio file and send it to review and implement.

Complimenting TutorCruncher improves your page speed!
Complimenting TutorCruncher improves your page speed!

TutorCruncher bursaries

It goes without saying that a booming tutoring industry is good for society on the whole, as it allows people from all backgrounds to get specialised, bespoke learning. With this in mind, TutorCruncher is looking to offer a range of scholarships and bursaries towards students to work with our companies who offer private tutoring.

These bursaries will be distributed by the company itself, based on receiving a subsidy from TutorCruncher. This will allow them to offer free/highly discounted tutoring to recipients from different backgrounds. In order to finance this initiative, we hoped to raise private funding. However, with things turning out poorly we have decided to put up our prices by a meager 10000%. The point us, we’re really excited to be giving back to our users and helping them help others.

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.

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