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Along with Carfax private Tutors, Tutorfair and Maths Doctor, TutorCruncher attended the Edukwest event focused on tutoring issues and the future of the tutoring industry. We wanted to discuss the event and TutorCruncher’s view on new tuition agencies.

Among the topics, one burning issue caught our attention. Some of the participants expressed their idea of turning their tuition agency into an online tuition agency. As we are in a technology-oriented society, it can sound tempting to set up an online business. However, when it comes to tutoring, the TutorCruncher team is convinced that the core part of an agency is to manage relationships between clients and tutors. As Carfax private Tutors brilliantly highlighted during this discussion, “the tutor agency model is here to stay and will never become obsolete”. Of course, the world of the private tutoring industry can improve due to technology improvements. The purpose of software is to make things easier, not entirely virtual without risking the pedagogical skills and success.

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