TutorCruncher February 2019 Newsletter

 Niek Diepstraten
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February has been a very exciting month here at TutorCruncher. Amazing updates in which we have expanded our communication options, payment options, import functionality, and the TutorCruncher team itself as we have taken two new TutorCrunchees on board.

As I’m sure that you are burning with curiosity about what these updates are, let's discuss the updates made to TutorCruncher in the month of February.

Big Changes

Direct Debit in America

As you all know, TutorCruncher has integrated with a Direct Debit provider called GoCardless. Besides the many countries in which GoCardless operates, they are not available for our users in the United States yet. And even though they are planning on expanding to America as well, we have integrated with another payment system, ACH Direct Debit.

ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is a payment method that runs between banks within the United States. It allows our users in America to pay for transactions by debiting straight out of their bank account, instead of processing through a debit or credit card.

ACH Direct-Debit transactions will cost 0.8% of the transaction, capped at $5

List view for Calendar

We have now added a list view to the Calendar to make it more clear. You are able to see this list view by going to the Calendar and clicking the ‘View in List’ button at the top of the page.

Click the ‘View in List’ button to go to the list view
You are able to filter the list view, and the same filter will apply in the Calendar as well

Send a one-off email

This is another stunning, and one of our bigger, communication updates. Admins can now, when navigating to a user’s page (Tutor/Client/Student/Admin/Affiliate), send a one-off email to the user.

There is no Email Definition for this email so that you can make it as personal as you want. What you see in the Message field, is what is being sent to the user.

You can also choose an Email Style, so that you can send emails from your own email domain, via TutorCruncher. Click here to see how it works

If you want to learn how to create an email style

New TutorCrunchees

As already mentioned, we have taken two new TutorCrunchees onboard. One of them is a Junior Developer called Alex. The second one is Niek, who will assist Fionn as a Marketing in Sales Intern. More information about the new TutorCrunchees will be posted in separate blogs, coming soon!

Little things:

We listed all the big changes, but there have been plenty of smaller changes in order to make your lives easier, here are three of our personal favorites:

We have now added Tutors to the Daily Update emails so that you have a good overview of your Tutor Signups as well. Another smaller but very useful update is that we have added a link to the client’s Stripe profile on their account. If you go to the client’s page and click the ‘edit payment methods’ button, another screen will appear and it gives you the option to ‘View customer in Stripe. Clicking this button will redirect you to the client’s Stripe profile, which will most likely save you a lot of time! We have made improvements to the user import functionality.

That’s it from us for the time being. If you have any questions about these new developments? Please do not hesitate to fire them in to info@tutorcruncher.com.

See you in the next TC Newsletter!