Great Management Software for Contractors and the Service Industry! - Part 1 of 3

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 Nabeela Hussain
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Who uses TutorCruncher?

TutorCruncher is not just for tutoring companies, we have all sorts of clients that use it for contracting different services. After all it is a customer relationship management system. It’s all about keeping your business data up to date and automating admin duties so you can keep your cash flow flowing.

I know what you might be thinking straight off the bat, all the terminology is for tutoring, i.e Tutors, Students, Lessons, etc. But we offer a tool that allows you to translate that to anything you would like. Students can be changed to Elves and Tutors can be Fairies if you like. Make it your own!

I will touch on a few service providers that work with TutorCruncher and how the benefits are universal.

Nanny and babysitting services

Nanny services can be made easy with TutorCruncher.
Nanny services can be made easy with TutorCruncher.

With TutorCruncher, childminding can be more organised. Create a set of Nannies and Babysitters in the system and match them up with available clients looking for a Nanny that has the availability to cover the time that child needs looking after automatically.

Include mandatory files from sign ups to show they are DBS cleared and safe to work with, as well as a CV including all of their experience. This gives you an online file you can refer to at any point, anywhere and easily grab the information you are looking for.

We already have several companies that use TutorCruncher to set up their bookings for babysitting/Nanning. How different is it from teaching anyway? Might sound cheeky but you’re still looking after children when tutoring, right? I remember when I was in the teaching game and this was passed in a conversation. It really hit me that I was just a big time babysitter with the added skills to enrich and enlighten children, kind of like Marry Poppins.

Driving instructors

Make booking and paying for driving lessons easy with automated software!
Make booking and paying for driving lessons easy with automated software!

When my sister was learning to drive several years ago, her instructor would have a notebook consistanting of all his appointments and whenever she gave a call to rearrange or book another lesson, if that notebook was not on him, they weren’t able to sort out a date. Often enough it was a missed opportunity for both of them but mainly him as in the end she changed instructors to have more consistent lessons.

Granted we have a google calendar at our disposal which more and more of us are starting to make use of. But what TutorCruncher offers for Driving Schools and Instructors is a whole different level of business.

You want to be able to offer a service where people can book lessons automatically online through your site? TutorCruncher socket will allow you to do this seamlessly, making you look professional and competent. It takes out the small talk that can be saved for the introductory lesson and lets you get straight to business.

Young people love to be able to do things online without the hassle of phone calls and organising their own reminders. With TutorCruncher you can send them an SMS an hour before their lesson to let them know to be ready with all the details. Yes this can be automated so the Driving Instructor nor the Administer has to manually do this.


Make finding a therapist easy with TutorCruncher
Make finding a therapist easy with TutorCruncher

A lot of things in life stress us out and from time to time, we could all use some therapy. You may have seen mental health increasing around you with everyone becoming more aware of it. Now there is a real demand for therapists than ever before. For the therapy world, business is booming!

The stigma related to mental health and seeking emotional support is slowly fading and if anything it is almost more completely common to come out with ‘’I have therapy going on’’ or ‘’my therapist suggested I should...’’. The NHS is over flooded with demand for therapists with waiting lists expanding six months to a year for an assessment. As a result many people are turning to private health care or searching for a local therapist for treatment. Many have created their own sites or joined an organisation to market their services.

The thing with TutorCruncher is, that it is the perfect software for a solo therapist or a mental health services organization. Offering complete administrative features and accounting. You can even send reports out after your sessions so everything is logged and progression can be monitored. Create client/patient profiles with all the required details to match them with the perfect therapist and TutorCruncher will do the rest.

Part 2 coming next week!

Hang around and see what other services use TutorCruncher in part 2 next week. You might just be surprised! If you already have a service business set up, try out our free trial today and you'll see exactly what I meant about making things easy.

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