Great Management Software for Contractors and the Service Industry! - Part 2 of 3

 Nabeela Hussain
Business Management Features User Experience

Five sectors that should use management software

Continuing from last weeks post about the service industry and management software, this part will look to add another five industries to the service list that can use TutorCruncher to manage their business effectively. One of them could be yours!

This just might even inspire you in ways that you could improve your business and appear more professional by being far more efficient and organised in how you conduct and offer your services. Business management software that covers your CRM and accounting needs can really improve and help grow your business by allowing you to plan, review and execute important decisions.


Domestic or commercial cleaning services would benefit from management software to build client base and the company.

Often there can also be a confusion about the location and the exact job. TutorCruncher can keep a record of this. You have a copy, the cleaner has a copy and the company has a copy, all your calendars are in sync. Everyone knows exactly what is supposed to happen, when, where and how. It builds trust with the client base.

The cleaner can mark the job complete and it immediately informs the admin of the change of the job status and sends out an invoice for the service. If you know you want a cleaner for the next year every Thursday you can even top up your account on TutorCruncher that will cover it for that period.

As a manager you can use the analytics on TutorCruncher and see when and where you get the most business coming from to arrange new marketing ideas and points of investment.


Make a software management system part of your gardening tools!

Now this is a niche market when you think of it domestically but commercially, it’s huge. Just google it and you’ll see, you’ll get over two hundred thousand hits for ‘’Gardening Services’’.

Say you run the gardening game and want to hire gardening contractors to go and do jobs for you or even if you are a solo gardner, TutorCruncher can be so useful to you. If you are wondering how then the biggest reason is the ease of payment.

Just draft and raise payments and click take payment and your bank account is filled with some extra dollars. Pay your gardeners easily through TutorCruncher be drafting and raising a Payment Order and then hitting the make payment option.

Let customers book gardners live on your site or create subscriptions for those monthly users who want their rose bushes trimming every 3rd of the month. It’s all possible and makes you look like your a high level of service with the automation and organisation.

Everyone wants to be able to book and do things online, be independent and in control. TutorCruncher gives you that ability and your users. With our translations feature you can make Tutors Gardeners and well clients can stay as clients or anything you like.


Consultants are the most popular contractors.

Whether you work it’s the food or fashion industry, maybe even finance, that you’re doing consultancy in. You’re basically completing projects and tasks.

Send out a broadcast on TutorCruncher for a job that a contractor can apply for and then you can decide who to appoint it to depending on their profile. This job could be for an hour or it can span over 12 months. You can set it up to pay the contractor upfront or in increments each month as they complete certain tasks within the job.

Book meetings and sync them with your google or apple calendar. TutorCruncher is versatile and integratable. Use our online whiteboard to video conference, share documents and brainstorm ideas. It connects all users remotely all in one system.

It’s all about management and overseeing your business. TutorCruncher gives you eyes all over to know the ins and outs of everything that is going on in your company, as every action is recorded and every penny can be accounted for.

Culinary schools

You want the right utensils, the right kitchen, why not the right management service? Could be your secret ingredient to the perfect business.

Cooking classes, or maths classes; seems like you are learning and teaching in both scenarios. TutorCruncher can help run your culinary school like it does many learning institutions. Create courses for different cuisines or skills and people could sign up via the TuorCruncher socket.

With multi language, time zone and currency support, your cooking school can be based anywhere and use TutorCruncher. Use automated emails and sms notifications to send reminders, making sure no one misses out. Take payments for cooking classes easily through TutorCruncher and let us work out all the calculations for you including TAX. Design your own custom invoices through us and make the whole software your own through open front facing API.

Law Firms

What better way to manage your billing and lawyers than having a business management software to do it for you.

So you are a lawyer or you have a law firm and if I learned anything from ‘Suits’ is that this business can be crazy serious. You really cannot afford to make any mistakes or miss anything out. What do you need to make sure you keep on top of all your cases? TutorCruncher! I’ve checked out some of the other CRM systems that law firms are using, such as Clio and Bill4Time and I didn’t find that they offer anything that TutorCruncher doesn’t.

These two were similar in how they presented things but they did not offer the diversity or customisation that you can have with TutorCruncher. As well as that scheduling/booking, document uploading, payments, invoicing, analytics, it’s all beautifully and easily done in a way that makes management enjoyable. Clio and Bill4Time offer free trial periods and they are worth checking out, but at the same time you should 100% include the TutorCruncher free trial in your comparison sessions.

End of part 2

Next time I will touch down on four other services that TuorCruncher can be a great management software for. It’s such a great design that was initially marketed at tutoring companies and but now we see how it can benefit many others, as our user base grows. If you are in any of these industries I’ve mentioned or you’re looking to start up a service based business, then definitely take full advantage or TutorCrunchers free trial.

We build business management software for tutoring companies. Whether you are a small team or an established company, we can help you give your clients a 5-star service while spending less time on administration.